These craftastrophes aren't necessarily bad crafts. Many are well made and have taken the crafter a lot of time and energy to create; this site's goal is to showcase those crafts that are funny, weird, strange and make us laugh. We mean no harm and are proud to say that there have been sales for some sellers on various sites due to their craft being featured on this site! We merely want to share the laughs and enjoy the talents of many. Talents which none of us have.

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The Sillyhead Founders:

sam {temptingmama} can’t find enough to do. If it’s not enough raising her two young boys; blogging regularly at her personal site, Temporarily Me; web design for Temptations Designs! and Swank Web Style, she’s now finally found an outlet for outting handmade / homemade AWESOMENESS that is Craftastrophe. No, there is no craft talent here and she’s EXTREMELY jealous about that.


Karen Sugarpants can’t make crafts. She can barely make toast. So to curb her insecurities, she helps Sam make fun of those who can. Or those who think they can. Or those who think they can but can’t and despite their craftastic failures, they try to shill this garbage on craft sites. You can also find her at the greek buffet scarfing down ouzo and spanakapita.   NOM NOM NOM!  Karen recently retired from web design to return to University.

The Sillyhead Feature Writers:

flutter is otherwise known as Christine. She likes to speak of herself in the lower-case third person. This and only this is the reason why she was chosen to write for Craftastrophe. Oh, and she writes on her personal blog byflutter.


The last time Suebob did crafts was at Girl Scout camp, but she has many other talents. She just can't think of them right now. She blogs at Red Stapler and will write for food.


Renee (Likes Parenthesis) makes crafts, but also likes to make fun of crafts.  When she's not doing either of those things, you can find her coaching gymnastics (does it count as a "real" job when you have trampolines at work?) or hanging out with her friends (sometimes referred to as 'Team Awesome').  In addition to being a new blogger for Craftastrophe, Renee maintains a personal blog (http://briskknits.blogspot.com) detailing her various forays into all things craft related (and sometimes unrelated), a second blog (with Team Awesome) that tries to answer the modern day riddle Why Is This a Thing? (http://whyisthisathing.blogspot.com), an Etsy shop (http://brisk.etsy.com) and two Twitter pages (http://www.twitter.com/briskknits & http://www.twitter.com/whyisthisathing) to keep it all organized.  She feels a little guilty making fun of other people's efforts at artistry (but not that guilty).


Cat Rocketship spends most of her day yelling about art. When she isn't yelling about it, she makes it. She blogs at Please Obey and loves reading about, thinking about, and watching cartoons, using the Internet like it's going to be shut off tomorrow, strangers, and adventure.


Gillian sits on her couch a lot in Wasilla, Alaska. She's a married mother of 3 who is currently obsessed with sewing, handmade crafts, photography, reality shows, avoiding responsibilities, making fun of people who can't retaliate, Facebook, chasing her kids around, and cookies. And also cookies. She blogs at Mrs. Wright Goes Wrong.


Kim is the mistress of BS, the Queen of Alabama's twitterverse and the widow of Saint Gregory. After an early retirement (don't google her on CNN) from law enforcement, she now spends her days shilling for Steve Jobs, swilling long island ice teas and trying to control her two terriers. She spends her nights wishing Mr Big or Craig Ferguson would come to life from her TV and ravish her on the couch. Otherwise she's just Crazy in Alabama and Live From the 205.


BugginWord likes unicorns, bedazzlers, and cocktails - not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily in combination. She blogs at BugginWord.


Kelley is an Aussie mother of 2 Damn Emos and one boy with a penchant for wiping his arse on bedding.  When she is not out making the world a better place with her presence and sheer awesomeness, she  bitches and whines at Magneto Bold Too.


Samantha lives with her two year-old baby boy and her husband in the suburbs of Chicago. By day she works full-time in sales, and by night she continues her quest to not fall asleep in a drooling heap on the sofa before 8:30 (that's really REALLY late, OKAY?!?) Samantha pretended to love scrapbooking for a while but finally admitted to hating every second of it. The shopping part was fun, but the whole 'actually making something with paper and glue' notsomuch. Also glitter? IS THE DEVIL. She can't dance very well and hates fruit. What more is there to know? Samantha writes at her budget review site Live Well Spend Well and can also be found toiling away on her personal blog, Back to Me


Anastacia, aka Jurgen Nation, currently calls California home, but she will always be a Detroiter and Midwestern gal no matter where she lives. She spends her time as a layabout; a photographer whose site lives at www.anastaciacampbell.com; blogger at www.JurgenNation.com; Founder, Creator and Editor-in-Chief of IndieInk.org; a contributing writer to DailyShite.com and MamaPop.com; a mom to a boy with four legs and a tail and a student working toward a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience. Be not fooled: Anastacia is a rabid fan of intellectual television among the likes of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Sober House, American Idol, Intervention, Teen Mom, Celebrity Fit Club and, from time to time when feeling especially meditative, Cheaters. Anastacia is a Joey Greco apologist, enjoys fine dining on Lucky Charms (and Honeycomb, on special occasions) and is widely known for her creative curse words and mercurial personality, not to mention her strong opinions on reality programming.


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The Toddlerpede doll sculpture (left) was created by Jon Beinart.


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