I Wanna Have Another Baby Just So I Can Hang This In It’s Room*

baby-hands-feet-coat-rack baby-hands-feet-coat-rack-2 LOVE. Thanks Steen! {source} *Not really.  I would rather skewer my eyes with rusty knitting needles than have another baby.  Wait, do knitting needles even rust?  Well you know what I mean.  I'm too old to be pregnant again.  or deal with sleepless nights and diapers and wipes and sore boobs and cracked nipples.  I don't even know why I did go through all that twice.  Did I forget after the first one how much work it was?  Why can't kids just come out big enough to wipe their own butts?  Oh wait, that would hurt.
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on July 14, 2009 @ 9:56 am  

16 Responses to “I Wanna Have Another Baby Just So I Can Hang This In It’s Room*”

  1. Sabra (6 comments.) Says:

    Wait, is that bicycle helmet bloody? Eek.
    .-= Sabra´s last post ..Finally, something for Linda! =-.

    Karen Sugarpants Reply:

    I don’t think so dude. I think it’s just a pink pattern…

  2. steen (22 comments.) Says:

    The whale’s expression cracks me up the most!
    .-= steen´s last post ..Did I Mention I’m Not Good At This? =-.

  3. Lotta (7 comments.) Says:

    No you hang that up now. And when your kids get sassy you can infer that you made a coat rack out of their older brothers and sisters so they better shape up!
    .-= Lotta´s last post ..Pink Bubblegum Vintage Button Charm Bracelet =-.

  4. Lisa (17 comments.) Says:

    Well, it’s almost cute.
    .-= Lisa´s last post ..Lolita Cat =-.

  5. MonkeyGal Says:

    If only they would’ve found a use for the head….

  6. JuxtaPoser (9 comments.) Says:

    Monkey- they should have used the head for the bike helmet. Keep those dismembered babies safe!
    .-= JuxtaPoser´s last post ..Road Trip =-.

  7. MonkeyGal Says:

    Craftastrophe….keeping dismembered babies safe since 2009.

  8. flutter (62 comments.) Says:

    that kid is going to be fucked up.
    .-= flutter´s last post ..I never would have thought =-.

    Karen Sugarpants Reply:

    my fake kid that i’m not having? rofl!

    flutter (62 comments.) Reply:

    the most fucked up non-conceived, imaginary fake kid with that coat hanger in its room EVER.
    .-= flutter´s last post ..I never would have thought =-.

    Karen Sugarpants Reply:

    hahahaha in it’s fake room with it’s fake diapers and it’s fake crib and fake therapist.

  9. Suzy Voices (9 comments.) Says:

    I seriously LOVE that. Which worries me.
    .-= Suzy Voices´s last post ..Proof That I’m Not Illiterate =-.

  10. 3littlemonsters Says:

    thats a good way to make sure your child needs therapy for years to come

  11. blog.it (16 comments.) Says:

    very nice baby! such a strong one that can hold a bag.
    .-= blog.it´s last post ..Work at home or not? =-.

  12. Anke (41 comments.) Says:

    All I can think is: The lion looks like Bob Ross. Need a little more Alizarin Crimson for this happy little rascal of a wardrobe? *eek*
    .-= Anke´s last post ..52 Questions =-.

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