I Don’t Even Know What To Do With You People Anymore

zombie-tie What in the name of black nail polish IS this? A zombie tie? A zombie tie. You're serious? What kind of crack-addicted, basement-dwelling, sucking off the teat of her parents, emo freak would make something like this? zombie-tie-crafter Oh. Stay in school kids. Don't do drugs. Thanks Adrianne! {source}
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on May 5, 2009 @ 11:57 am  

11 Responses to “I Don’t Even Know What To Do With You People Anymore”

  1. karen (9 comments.) Says:

    Zombie tie is very…. interesting. In a rawhide thong kinda way.

    Designer extrordanaire is CLEARLY outshining her own creation though. I mean look at all that purple and glitter liner!

    The hidden gem in all of this is the upholstery trimmed dead flower print arm band. Genious example of recycling.

    karen’s last blog post..This is what I get for staying on top of housework.

  2. Kat (3 comments.) Says:

    Oh Karen… thank gawd it wasn’t a thong! But in all reality… why do zombies need to wear ties? Hmmm

  3. flutter (62 comments.) Says:

    rawhide zombie formal wear. fuck. i am certain that this is worn with black velvet and a corset for a zippy summer ensemble.

    flutter’s last blog post..Therapy notes: I don’t think you get to say that

  4. daysgoby (12 comments.) Says:

    All I can think is ‘Clarice’

    daysgoby’s last blog post..little girl bigger

  5. Noadi (10 comments.) Says:

    If this was set up as part of a shop selling costume pieces for halloween it would be kind of cool. Be a great part of a zombified executive costume.

  6. Amo (5 comments.) Says:


    No zombie ensemble would be complete without the perfect tie.

    Amo’s last blog post..To get my mind off ALL the batman underwear I’ve had to wash in the past 3 hours despite the fact I’ve reminded him EVERY 30 MINUTES to GO POTTY…

  7. followthatdog (54 comments.) Says:

    Isn’t that the first piece of Buffalo Bill’s suit in Silence of the Lambs. “It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again” Remember?

  8. SA Says:

    I like this blog when it mocks crafts, not the people who do them. This is really low-class.

    Eris Reply:

    Agreed with followthatdog.
    Y’all have gotten kind of mean spirited around here lately, especially towards people of subcultures in general. It makes me uncomfortable.

  9. Jade beads (112 comments.) Says:

    Brains…brains.. (Augh, look at the time, need to get into the office)
    (Braaaain brains. (Don’t be late honey, I set out breakfast for you but you have to hurry)
    Huuaaah nnngh brains… (Where is that tie, ah sheash the stuff they have us wear)
    hurarrh! (It’s almost 6 honey! You need to hurry up!)
    nnnnnghbr…brains (I love you dear, see you tonight)
    uuuuaaaaaahhhh (Be careful on your way to work, I heard there were some humans traveling around)

    That was the last time Mrs. Honkins saw her husband. He wasn’t even able to see the attacker, a clean headshot from his blind side. Humans are no myth, if you see one do not take individual action.

  10. Magpie Says:

    I love Craftastrophe but what a huge laugh I got when I SAW SOMEONE I KNOW! Seriously, I know this chick. This isn’t even the worst thing I’ve seen her make/wear/try to sell.

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