Poptastrophe: Miley Cyrus Didn’t Leave A Tip, Media Confused

miley I swear.  Some media outlets just make it too easy to make fun of them.  Apparently, Miley Cyrus picked up dinner at Outback Steakhouse the other night.  And that should have been the end of it.  Except it wasn't.  Because Miley {gasp} "angered the staff" when she "failed to leave a tip on the $70 bill". "She pulled an envelope of money out and handed a $100 bill over, but she kept all the change." Reports immediately circulated that "Miley Cyrus Makes $25 Million and Thinks She's Better Than You!", "Miley Cyrus Gets The Best of Both Worlds!" "Miley Cyrus Makes Mickey Mouse Cry!". Miley's spokesperson issued a response claiming that Miley "made a genuine mistake in failing to add a service charge. Miley didn't know she was supposed to tip unless she was eating inside." First of all,  Outback?  Second, I once left a bitchy waitress a note that said "Here's a tip: fix your hair".  Third, let me explain takeout.  According to initial reports Miley and her sister, Brandi, picked up dinner themselves and then ate it outside the restaurant.  You know, without a server.  Like, to go.  As in, to leave. If I were Miley's spokesperson my response would have been a little less...diplomatic.  Fortunately for you I get paid to be a smartass. 

Proof after the jump...

Posted by Karen Sugarpants on October 16, 2009 @ 8:59 am  

6 Responses to “Poptastrophe: Miley Cyrus Didn’t Leave A Tip, Media Confused”

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  2. Kim Says:

    So when I pick up fast food takeout am I supposed to tip the Taco-bell employee? Give me a break they saw her and thought “OOoooo big money coming.”

  3. Lori Says:

    Yeah, Kim! I was gonna say the same thing. I don’t tip on takeout. Wherever it comes from. Bad me I guess.

  4. e. Says:

    I have never tipped on take-out. No one I know has ever tipped on take-out. If you need a tip to carry a bag of food from the kitchen to the counter, for me to then serve to myself, away from your establishment, then you’re full of shit.
    I agree that the Outback employees saw the cash cow coming & were pissed that Miley didn’t pull a George Clooney on them.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Hmmm — I didn’t know you were supposed to tip on take-out, either. I never have. And I have a reputation for being a generous tipper, too.

  6. Panya Says:

    Thank goodness others agree with me! I’ve had people tell me that you should tip in this instance, because the server had to coordinate and pack up your food. How exactly is that any different than going through the drive-thru at McDonald’s?? Ridiculous.

    If it were up to me, I wouldn’t ever tip at all.

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