Caption This: Beheaded Dollies

dolls Oh wow. Give it your best shot! Thanks Frieda! {source}
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on October 5, 2009 @ 10:07 am  

12 Responses to “Caption This: Beheaded Dollies”

  1. kdaniel Says:

    No matter how many attempts they made at cat’s cradle or offerings of jewelry, Helga, Olga and Elsa still lost their heads to the horrible Craft Queen.

  2. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    The Butchered Bang sistas!
    .-= candace trew camling´s last post ..ArtPrize =-.

  3. Katherine Says:

    Worst Holy Trinity ever.

  4. Jessi (12 comments.) Says:

    Seeing, hearing and speaking plenty of evil.

  5. deb on the rocks (61 comments.) Says:

    The year 2019: The movement to retain children in utero for 17 trimesters to protect them from environmental toxins proved especially problematic with multiples.
    .-= deb on the rocks´s last post ..I want my hour back, and it’s not even Daylight Saving Time change Sunday =-.

  6. Tammy Says:

    lick no evil
    steal no evil
    shout out to da evil (cats cradle)

  7. Lexie (1 comments.) Says:

    Those are Gloobee Bunch dolls! They are the most terrifying dolls ever made. Ever. The marketing schtick boasted “real expressions”. I’ve had a hard time finding photos of them online to explain my terror. This helps. Though, I honestly think they’re even more terrifying intact. *shudder*
    .-= Lexie´s last post ..Fulltime RVers Guide: Your First Winter! =-.

  8. kaelie Says:

    “HOW COME THOSE 2 GOT CATS CRADLE AND I GOT A LOAD OF OLD METAL???” i love this btw, i want it :) it would look lovely on my bedroom wall

  9. Flat Butt Society Says:

    That’s a waste of good dollies…….and string.

  10. Rachele Says:

    In spite of our best efforts, and our ignorance of child labor laws, the Religious Trinkets Manufacturing Corporation announces a reduction in profits this quarter and will unfortunately be instituting a few drastic, yet necessary cost-cutting measures. We appreciate your cooperation.

  11. Jade beads (112 comments.) Says:

    haha their faces looks funny, is that a trinity? haha

  12. tanja-corine (1 comments.) Says:

    hey ho!
    the lost 3 girls are cre8ed from me:) i like them because they seem to be evil. the picture is for sell on my homepage. it’s no boring handmade;) love from swisssss, tanja

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