It’s Obvious Lady Gaga Loves The Crafts

I love Lady Gaga. I'll admit it. Yeah, she is different and her music has this odd addiction factor like it may in fact, be laced with heroin. Basically she is like hard core street drugs: stupid, fun, bad for you and highly addictive. Lady-gaga-corset And she makes you feel a little bit strange.  Possibly because some of us *ahem* Mamapop *cough* are certain she has a penis.  *shudder* SPL82885_031 You can't help but like her. She reminds me of that awkward stage I hit at age 13. lady-gaga-strange Except I didn't have boobs. (or a penis.) ANYWAY. When Jen sent this toilet paper cozy in, she mentioned Lady Gaga and I have to agree: whos-your-dada-toilet-paper-cozy-doll The resemblance is uncanny.  Get it?  Uncanny?  *snort*  Although those legs are way more Amy Winehouse than Lady Gaga.  Lady Gaga has always looked showered when I've seen her. And uhhh, nice brass knuckles.  Is that so I won't come home drunk and pass out on the bathroom floor (again)?  That doll looks like it could take me DOWN. lady-gaga Lady Gaga would love this toilet paper cozy!  They have the same faux ears goin' on.  I bet if LG had this toilet paper cozy in her house, she would take away it's scissors and give it a homemade Disco Stick! I mean, it's obvious she loves crafts.  Am I right?


Thanks Jen! {source}
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on September 23, 2009 @ 8:38 am  

21 Responses to “It’s Obvious Lady Gaga Loves The Crafts”

  1. ami Says:

    That last picture of Lady Gaga left me a little flummoxed o_o

  2. sweetney (1 comments.) Says:

    heh. But you know, even if she has a penis, she’s waaaaay more of a lady than I’ll ever be.

    Somehow that sounded better in my mind, before I typed it out.


  3. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    I want my hair sculpted into a bow or button!
    .-= candace trew camling´s last post ..Scout =-.

    kittenpie (5 comments.) Reply:

    All that, and you didn’t work in her multiple crochet/lace outfits at the MVAs? C’mon. Or are you saving that for another post?

    Karen Sugarpants Reply:

    ooo i missed that part of the VMAs. crap! FAIL.

    I must have been putting my kids to bed. :)

    Next time, I will get to her crocheted madness!

  4. Erin N. (2 comments.) Says:

    Love your site, but so bummed you’re not being accepting of a medical condition…

    Have you heard about the horrible things this teenage girl is going through? Or if it’s true about Lady Gaga, what she has gone through?


    Can you imagine how confused and scared a person with this condition would be? It at least deserves some sensitivity.

    Karen Sugarpants Reply:

    Gimmie a break Erin. Please. WTF?

    Tiffany Reply:

    See hun, there’s this thing called a joke. No where in this blog do I see her being insensitive about it, she simply refers to the rumor of Lady Gaga being male-bodied. Honestly I think that refusing to make any jokes at all about a subject is way worse than some harmless puns. I have a potentially embarrassing medical condition and it makes me feel awkward and horrible when people act like its so serious and bad, but my friends and I will crack jokes about it and it makes it feel less like a big deal.

    Anyways: I love this blog, read it every day, hilarious.

    Karen Sugarpants Reply:

    Thanks Tiffany. I sure hope that dang persistent flatulence clears up soon. *wink*

    Jen (11 comments.) Reply:

    Dear Erin,

    I read this blog to laugh, not to hear about the turmoil of having a he and a she in my nether region.

    FACT: This toilet paper cozy loks like Lady GaGa, on a good day, and can hold my toilet paper while I pee pee.

    FACT: That is funny as hell!

    FACT: Lady GaGa, whether she has a vajayjay a weiner dog or BOTH hanging down to her knees, still dresses like a blind hooker.

    Rock on Lady GaGa….swing it to and fro, high and low!
    Watch out Erin, it may slap some humor into ya! ;)



    Karen Sugarpants,

    You are one funny chic! You made my day with this post! I’m so glad I found your site! It makes my GIRL parts happy!

    Thank you for not turning your site into a politically correct unfunny piece of poop.

    .-= Jen´s last post ..Free 28 Day Sample of Olay Professional Pro-X Smoothing Cream =-.

  5. Katherine Says:

    Can’t even lie, love me some Lady Gaga and largely because of her innately inappropriate craftyness. Many craft. Few have the balls *ahem* to BE their craft.

  6. foolery (5 comments.) Says:

    Or, we could just laugh at her choices. That’s what Ima gonna do. Thanks for the laughs, Craftastrophe!
    .-= foolery´s last post ..Where the Green, Green Grass of Home Comes From =-.

  7. JanS (17 comments.) Says:

    Interesting TP cozy…I haven’t made up my mind about whether or not I like GaGa thought. : )
    .-= JanS´s last post ..CROCHET GIVE-AWAY WINNER!! =-.

  8. Nat (44 comments.) Says:

    Not so much in those photos but in the MTV stills I became convinced she’s a post up tranny or something…

    I don’t understand toilet cozies… mind you I don’t understand lady Gaga either… suppose acknowledging that I don’t understand is the first step.
    .-= Nat´s last post ..Look and listen: Eggs rolls =-.

  9. Anon Says:

    I <3 Lady Gaga… but the TP cozy scares me!

    As far as the penis rumors, I think that if she chooses to present herself as female, that should be that and we should all stop caring. Personally, I think she probably is bio-female, and the people who rumor she is/used to be a man are just terrified of a woman who expresses crude sexuality and support for, as she says, 'the gays'. But regardless, if she chooses to present as a woman, than she is, and everyone should respect that. It isn't like she is an athlete or something where being bio-male would give her an advantage, so why should it matter?

  10. Stefanie Girard (1 comments.) Says:

    I never in a million years would have thought of combining my TP cozy with Lady Gaga, but truly through the magic of the internet it is proven anything is possible!

  11. Jade beads (112 comments.) Says:

    amazing! are those really handcrafted?!

  12. Jen (11 comments.) Says:

    HA! I didn’t even notice the brass knuckles when I sent you that picture!! So what is up with the big spoon earred baby holding scissors in one hand and brass knuckles on the other???

    Now the baby is going to be perving on me while I’m on the pot AND shanking my ass! Crap!
    .-= Jen´s last post ..Free 28 Day Sample of Olay Professional Pro-X Smoothing Cream =-.

  13. Rei Says:

    God I hate her. She’s just a slut with bad music.
    I feel bad for young girls these days, having to grow up with this.

  14. Mary Sue Says:

    I do not feel comfortable continuing to read a blog that is so blatantly cruel to trans people and find it a-ok to speculate in public on whether someone is trans- or cisgendered.

    Congratulations. You lost a reader.

    Jen (11 comments.) Reply:

    What???? The article above is not cruel to “trans people” and Lady GaGa has not come out as a “trans person” anyway. It is just a rumor after one picture. Lady GaGa dresses like Project Runway on bad crack. That is what we are laughing at because it’s FUNNY!

    This post is actually about a funky toilet paper cozy that looks like Lady GaGa’s hair. Any comments made by readers are not necessarily what the author agrees with anyway.

    I have a feeling that you’ve been given the “drama” gene! My teenager has that.
    .-= Jen´s last post ..Free 28 Day Sample of Olay Professional Pro-X Smoothing Cream =-.

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