What ARE You Growing In That Garden?

mary-mary-pretty-maid-in-a-row-1 From the listing:
i was at a flea market and found an old rusted outdoor plant stand. thought to myself...ah......clean it up, put plants in it, a nice summer treat! then i thought......NOT.......too "normal" ( lol), so decided to make an art piece instead. originally it was going to be an outdoor piece, which is why i grouted the original set of "doll's heads". grout can withstand the elements. i have several grouted doll's heads on poles in both my back and front yard (who knows what my neighbors must think!). but then i liked it so much i decided to keep it inside and expand the piece to have 3 side/front pieces. since it had to do with "plants" the old nursery rhyme came to mind:" mary mary quite contrary. how does your garden grow. with silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row". well, obviously too long a title for an art piece so i shortened it to "mary mary...pretty maids all in a row". once i finished it and placed it in my living room the cat decided that she also loved it and started "chewing" on the 3 side/front pieces. oh no. so i took those up to my studio and boxed them for safe keeping. the cat still likes the main standing piece but doesn't seem to chew on it as much. whew! what is weird is that the doll's heads move......i go to bed at night and they are facing one way. in the morning they are looking in another direction! maybe they "play" at night?
That last part made me shudder for real.  OMG OMG OMG! MOAR DETAILZ: mary-mary-pretty-maid-in-a-row-3 mary-mary-pretty-maid-in-a-row-2 mary-mary-pretty-maid-in-a-row-4 mary-mary-pretty-maid-in-a-row-5 mary-mary-pretty-maid-in-a-row-6 Thanks Shay! {source} <--- the artist wants you to know she not only took the pictures but that she made this piece.
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on August 1, 2009 @ 9:41 am  

32 Responses to “What ARE You Growing In That Garden?”

  1. Velma Says:

    This one actually makes me feel a little queasy.

  2. sagemcgreen (1 comments.) Says:

    I have nightmares like this – minus the plastic parrot.

  3. Anke (41 comments.) Says:

    Just a note from a German reader: The artist’s last name is “Beinhacker” which means “Leg chopper”. What a telling name…

    These pictures will haunt my dreams for ages O_o
    .-= Anke´s last post ..52 Questions =-.

  4. David Says:

    It’s a bit like ‘Hellraiser’ meets ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ .
    “…who knows what my neighbors must think!…”
    -probably worrying about their safety and the value of their property.

  5. Katie S Says:

    Maybe her cat was “chewing” on it to destroy it for the good of humanity.

  6. James Bong Says:

    That’s just effing creepy!

  7. kdaniel Says:

    I agree, that last part definitely gave me chills. The first close-up of the doll’s face made me pee my pants a little. EEK.

  8. Maria (4 comments.) Says:

    .-= Maria´s last post ..Not everyone will like you. =-.

  9. Karen (25 comments.) Says:

    What the fuck is with the flies all over the face? Srsly?

    I guess glittery pipecleaners were on sale at the Hobby Lobby.
    .-= Karen´s last post ..Happy Birthday to ME! =-.

  10. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    i certainly find no part of this personally aesthetically pleasing!
    .-= candace trew camling´s last post ..Sewing Project Finished: Flower Girl Doll =-.

  11. BWelch (18 comments.) Says:

    Oh my-some people just shouldn’t…

  12. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah (14 comments.) Says:

    Sometimes your shit is just scary.
    .-= Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah´s last post ..…and THAT is how I ended up walking around with Hello Kitty underpants in my pocket. =-.

  13. Michelle Says:

    Um…….WOW….is all I can say

  14. Daphne (6 comments.) Says:

    hmmmm yea like hmmmm I am shaking my head and wondering what they do for Halloween yea like hmmmm.
    .-= Daphne´s last post ..Wednesday Night Dinner =-.

  15. Jeri (1 comments.) Says:

    i have several grouted doll’s heads on poles in both my back and front yard

    That’s a sentence you don’t see every day.

    (Though I expect it to appear in a police report soon, along with the phrase, “she was always such a nice, quiet lady.”)

  16. Angela (1 comments.) Says:

    My eyes! How will I get this image out of my brain. This comment comes from a chick who works in a funeral home!!!
    .-= Angela´s last post ..I’ve got you under my skin….. =-.

  17. justme Says:

    K… thanks for that…

    I don’t feel safe sleeping after that. Those heads are gonna be in my nightmares for a LOOOOOONG time!

  18. Tibz Says:

    I’m scared. The way the heads are smiling, even with that all over, is just plain creepy.

  19. lydee (2 comments.) Says:


    That is the stuff horror movies are made of.
    .-= lydee´s last post ..What I’ve Learned From Blogging =-.

  20. 3littlemonsters Says:

    I certainly hope the neighbors are thinking of moving.

  21. JuxtaPoser (9 comments.) Says:

    There is no part of that that doesn’t creep me out. Except the small golden babies on the bottom of the third picture. They remind me of the carrot jockeys from CakeWrecks.
    .-= JuxtaPoser´s last post .. =-.

    JuxtaPoser (9 comments.) Reply:

    It also makes me wonder when “art piece” became synonymous for “please institutionalize the creator immediately”.
    .-= JuxtaPoser´s last post .. =-.

  22. Diane Says:

    It’s like Jeffrey Dahmer made an I Spy photo layout.

  23. Attila (1 comments.) Says:

    LMAO.my fiance almost wet herself reading the comments to this…
    is it wrong to want some of this “art”…lol
    I think it would make a great CD cover…
    I love the “Hellraiser meets Priscilla” connection…
    just brutal…

  24. Jade beads (112 comments.) Says:

    terrarium of cult?

  25. blog.it (16 comments.) Says:

    idols? is this childs play 4? haha
    .-= blog.it´s last post ..Make money online =-.

  26. artsycrafter (1 comments.) Says:

    A little creepy, but I applaud any kind of creativity – so cool.

  27. Margaret Says:

    Oh my goodness…I laughed so hard I cried, the comments were hilarious too…thanks for such a great laugh on such a crappy day! =)

  28. punchy (1 comments.) Says:

    Imagine finding this in an archaeological dig two centuries down the line. What will they think of us???

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  30. TheBeerLady (1 comments.) Says:

    You know, several incredibly profound and pithy comments popped into my head when I saw this, um, “art piece,” but all I can actually say is… Oh. My. God.
    .-= TheBeerLady´s last post ..Why aren’t there laws against stupidity? =-.

  31. Sharon Says:

    o.O oh my hell. the photo with the gold painted feet and red-tipped feathers… it has dentures on its head. i’m torn between that’s seriously screwed up and those things are gonna come to life and exact revenge one day.

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