10 Bloody Craftastrophes

ernest Ernest.  Cute, though I'm sorry he's covered in blood, because dang.  That smile is infectious.  Like Hepatitis B, only sweeter. bloody-hell I imagine these cards came out during the Bush administration?  What do I know, I'm Canadian.  I can't think of an instance where I'd be able to send them out though.  Yanno, unless Americus invades Canader. (don't even think about it, Americus.) conrad Conrad must know Ernest.  In ways most people don't know each other.  Like they may or may  not have been involved in a double homicide.  Or a blood clot fight.  Oh damn, I totally grossed myself out there.  *sploosh* eye-balls Oh my gosh!  Charlie's (<--- don't click that link!) been bought on ebay and is now being sold for parts! decapitated-mouse-cat-nip-toy I'm a dog person, so all you freaky-deaky cat people will have to tell me whether this decapitated cat toy is up your pussy's alley or not. bloody-eyeball-candle Mmmm nothing like the romantic ambiance of a bloody eyeball candle.  Wanna make out, zombie-muffin? blood-spatter-necklace So you find a date on Match.com and go to meet him.  Wearing this blood spatter necklace.  I hope you have a lot of batteries at home, cuz you're going to be alone a long time, ya crazy nut. bloody-tissues A painting called "bloody tissues."  Not sure exactly where one would hang this in their home, but I'm going to say probably not the front foyer? horror-doll "The Eater of Children 12 Inch Horror Doll."   Okay so um, not to be rude or anything, but wouldn't TEOCTIHD's legs be like, 4-5 inches long?  And children, they are much bigger than that yes?  GOOD LUCK, BUDDY.  p.s. Tell your creator to STAY STILL when she takes your picture.  We like to see what we're laughing at. maxi-pad-art So this lady took it upon herself to paint a self-portrait on paper and stick it on a used menstrual liner.  When this first got sent in, I was like, "yeah but this is like putting a post it note on a maxi pad - she didn't really paint ON the pad.  big whoop."  After another look, I realized that a) she framed this piece; and b) it's hanging somewhere in her home. Which, ew.
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on August 3, 2009 @ 12:12 am  

13 Responses to “10 Bloody Craftastrophes”

  1. David Says:

    My cats would play with that toy, but then they probably would play with all the items shown here -tho I think they might draw the line at playing with the maxi pad… unless it was out of the frame, ewww just gave myself the mental image.

    There needs to make a bigger warning beside the ‘Charlie’ link, that really is creepy!!

    Do you not think there is a market for ‘blood spattered’ necklaces?

  2. 3littlemonsters Says:

    I laughed until I got to the last one. Then I wanted to vomit. Thanks for that

  3. Jade beads (112 comments.) Says:

    the last picture! what the?!?!?!

  4. blog.it (16 comments.) Says:

    yeah that last one, thats gross…
    .-= blog.it´s last post ..Make money online =-.

  5. Taylor Blue (91 comments.) Says:

    I was okay with them, until I took a closer look at the last one. That is soooo gross. I don’t even know what to say about it now!

  6. rednightsky (7 comments.) Says:

    and the last one is one sale $110. Yeah I’ll pay that for someones old blood and ripped drawing
    .-= rednightsky´s last post ..Beaded Braid Bracelet =-.

  7. kdaniel Says:

    Wasn’t there some controversial chick art student who made a bunch of “art” with her menstrual blood? Eek, I can’t quite remember, but regardless that is gross to the max.

  8. Overflowing Brain (Katie) (2 comments.) Says:

    Okay, I laughed, until the last one. And then I vomited up my soul.

    That. is. just. wrong.

  9. Sheila (Charm School Reject) (2 comments.) Says:

    I was doing okay until I got to the last one. I think I’m gonna go puke now…..
    .-= Sheila (Charm School Reject)´s last post ..Sheila Does BlogHer =-.

  10. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    my cat would totally feel ripped off by that toy! It’s already decapitated!
    .-= candace trew camling´s last post ..Ocean Life Watercolor Sketch =-.

  11. Loony Says:

    OMG OMG OMG that second last toy is gonna give me nightmares. When I was a kid, all those puppet master, chucky and clown horror movies came out..scarred me for life..

  12. Kimberly's Goods (1 comments.) Says:

    This is the funniest blog I’ve seen in a long time. Look forward to more.

  13. ali (4 comments.) Says:

    i’m not so into blood, but some people are and i can appreciate that…..right up until that last one…..which on so many levels-especially the nurse one, grosses me right the f out!
    .-= ali´s last post ..shred me (or i shred myself) =-.

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