The power of Christ compels you…

We've featured this crafter here before with the outstanding and ever so popular squirrel foot earrings as well as a few other items, and yet they never cease to amaze us with their ingenuity. Yes. I really mean ingenuity. Because honestly, if I ever came across a dead bird, a rat's skull or even a dismembered tail, the likelihood of me thinking, "Wow, this would be a fantastic broach! Just add a little dead mouse fur, a decapitated rabbit and voila!" is probably the FURTHEST thing from my mind. Or it was before Karen and I started this site.

bird feet crown

You have to be a creative and patient person to accumulate enough bird legs in order to make a replica crown of thorns. You have to keep your eye out of many, MANY birds to make this happen. That takes perseverance and time - because really? Where would one go to find a plethora of bird legs?

crown of crows fett

But! No only has this crafter found a plethora of bird legs, they have painted them gold, created a crown and even thought of the minute detail of BLOOD. Droplets of blood.

Droplets of blood dripping from a plethora of bird legs.

bird feet crown2

From the listing:

This is a life size crown of thorns made with taxidermy bird legs. There are 24 rock dove, pheasant quail and chukar bird legs that have been hand gilt in 24K gold and have glistening blood drops dripping from the claws and pheasant spurs. The crown measures 7 1/2" x 10" and is wearable (carefully).

Them a lot of legs people. A LOT.

And? If you wear this I am allowed to call you a bird brain.

Just sayin'.

I can't for the life of me find the email from the reader at this time. So sorry reader, but thank you for sending us this one!

Posted by sam {temptingmama} on July 2, 2009 @ 1:03 pm  

21 Responses to “The power of Christ compels you…”

  1. 3littlemonsters Says:

    I just looked at their etsy and am now scarred for life by the racoon nose tie tack

  2. Anna Says:

    In case those are chicken legs, gathering them shouldn’t take long. However, this is disgusting … And just to think they start their Bio on etsy with “We have always been animal lovers …” – clearly, the animals would disagree.

    sam {temptingmama} (164 comments.) Reply:

    There are – in this particular piece: “24 rock dove, pheasant quail and chukar bird legs.”

    Them are some small birds and little feet.

    I suppose if you went outside with a BB Gun you could knock off a few rather quickly. *shudder*

  3. Anna Says:

    Oh, excuse my blindness. I admit, it was too disgusting to stare at for longer.
    Hmm, maybe some of them are kept in captivity? Or commonly hunted?
    *Googles pictures* Yes. Still … ew.

  4. followthatdog (54 comments.) Says:

    ok, I’m pretty much out of words for that one. other than holy fuckin’ wacko, that is.
    .-= followthatdog´s last post ..The replacment chicken =-.

  5. Mym Says:

    Quail and Chukar could maybe come from food processing, but rock dove? Those are pigeon feet.

    Do they get the pigeons from city cleaning crews, or do they kill the birds themselves?

  6. *bleurmph* Says:

    It’s all extremely horrifying. But then again, it’s the ultimate upcycle!

  7. kdaniel Says:

    Ok, I have to admit, while I would NEVER buy this, I think it’s pretty neat looking. Except the bits of red remind me of bird claw toenail polish.

  8. Lisa (17 comments.) Says:

    You’ve gotta wonder whether he found all these dead birds or killed them all. ):
    .-= Lisa´s last post ..Kawaii Pink Bunny Headband =-.

  9. Nat (44 comments.) Says:

    Wow… imagine your brain going from “oh look left over bird legs” to “let’s make something with them” to “I’ll pay homage to Jesus and make crown of thorns with it.” …..

    I’m having a stroke just thinking about it.
    .-= Nat´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday — Happy Poutine Day =-.

  10. lu (2 comments.) Says:

    Oh hells no.
    .-= lu´s last post ..One sick kid and a monkey on my back. =-.

  11. MonkeyGal Says:

    Things usually don’t gross me out…but when it comes to dead animal parts, I want to vomit. Thanks guys….I WAS enjoying some nice pizza. Now I must bow to the porcelein god and wait for it all to come back up. Really now, I feel it starting to go up instead of down. Please warn me next time!

  12. redsquid Says:

    So none of you have been to a carribean grocery I take it?

    sam {temptingmama} (164 comments.) Reply:

    Oh yes. I LOVE Carribean.

    But! I don’t believe I’ve seen a crown of bird’s feet dipped in gold with droplets of fake blood from the talons.

    Maybe I missed it.

    I agree with Leslie (the comment below) that it’s not so much the product as it is the end result.

    Well, that being said. Bird feet still gross me out.
    .-= sam {temptingmama}´s last post ..Managing =-.

  13. Leslie (8 comments.) Says:

    I was going to say I was speechless until I read the reply above. I have been to a Caribbean grocery but bird feet for a crown of thorns still seems creepy. It’s not so much the feet collection as the end product.
    .-= Leslie´s last post ..Spiritual Journey =-.

  14. studiodtq (3 comments.) Says:

    I’m gonna have nightmares…that birds are chasing me…shinnying around on their butts… EWWW!!!!!

  15. Corona de oro y…. | Mundochica | Moda, decoracion y sexo Says:

    [...] via [...]

  16. Steve Dave Says:

    Dont forget to check out their website for even more amazing FINDS!!! :)

  17. Jade beads (112 comments.) Says:

    wow, i like the blood effects

  18. Angela (2 comments.) Says:

    “…and is wearable”

    Who’s going to wear this? LOL

  19. Tony the Hawk Says:

    They aren’t animal lovers, they are animal PARTS lovers. Crap.

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