Dishing it out AND taking it

So I wrote an ode to America on The 4th and was then accused that I can dish it out, but not take it. I am here today to show you that I can, in fact take it. I can take it hard. We're like that here in Canada, Eh?


{source} I believe it's supposed to be "I Am Canadian", but when I see it I think, "I Am Canada." And Canada? It's HUGE. Then I think, "That's a HUGE b!tch!" (Thank you for coming along on this tour of Sam's Train of Thought. Please keep your hands inside the cart at all times.) We love hockey here in Canada. So much so that we even manage to include it in our very special day:


{source} So. Hot. Imagine being a groom, going up your lady's dress and seeing an ode to your favourite hockey team. Awesome, right? I know. And of course - MUST have a grand poobah - to keep it fair.


{source} That's just about the fattest horse - ever. Like an apple on toothpicks fat. And please tell me: what is up with that tail!? Happy (belated by six days) Canada Day. You know, to show that we can take it. ;)
Posted by sam {temptingmama} on July 7, 2009 @ 7:43 pm  

12 Responses to “Dishing it out AND taking it”

  1. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    you shouldn’t make fun of the apple on toothpicks. i’m so f’n bloated today, that’s exactly how i feel.


  2. kdaniel Says:

    I think the horse is about to collapse under the weight of his own trendiness/the amount of gel it must have taken to style his tail. Very fashion forward.

  3. Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo (15 comments.) Says:

    OMG! It is Charlie the Unicorn!

    Angela Reply:

    Noooo Chaaarlieeee, you have to come with us to Candy Mountain. LOL

  4. TexasDeb (3 comments.) Says:

    Who’s got the broom? If the “up” tail is any indicator that horse is about to take a ceramic poop.

  5. Taylor Blue (91 comments.) Says:

    I love that I am Canada thing. I will think of that every time I see a tattoo like that! And that Toronto Maple Leafs garter belt is priceless. I should have had that for my first wedding, when my Uncle was working for them. I am sure he would have had a huge kick out of that. (Okay, that sounds sick but that’s not the way I meant for it to come out.)

    You guys are the coolest Canadians eh?

  6. followthatdog (54 comments.) Says:

    Horses lift their tails when they take a crap. Judging by the position of that tail and the size of that bloated horse, I’d keep far far away until that pony finishes. It could be catastrophic to be near by.
    .-= followthatdog´s last post ..A different perspective =-.

  7. Amo (5 comments.) Says:

    The garter reminds me of my husband’s FAVORITE joke, “Why do Canadians prefer doggie style? So they can both watch the hockey game.”

    I know, I know…I married him b/c he’s cute. Not witty.
    .-= Amo´s last post ..It’s only a day away. =-.

    Jade beads (112 comments.) Reply:

    even having their affair still passionate with hockey haha!

  8. Apryl (1 comments.) Says:

    OMG I have the giggles after looking at that poor demented apple shapped horse.. all my wit has run away.. what little I had to begin with.
    .-= Apryl´s last post ..Vintage Doily Warmbag =-.

  9. Canadian Crafts | I Heart Canadians Says:

    [...] Monkey sent along this post from a blog called Craftastrophe: So I wrote an ode to America on The 4th and was then accused that [...]

  10. blog.it (16 comments.) Says:

    that horse looks like a horsy bank XD
    .-= blog.it´s last post ..Work at home or not? =-.

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