Meet Url

fish-squirrel From the listing:
This is Url. Say "Hello." He may not understand you, but he finds comfort in the sounds of your voice. He has been described by some as reminiscent of a Tim Burton character, though his true origins are dificult to determine. Whatever you decide, he is sure to consume your heart as he has mine. Perhaps it's his foggy mammalian eyes, gazing sadly at a world that will never accept him. Or the rows of petite teeth peering uselessly from behind his downturned fish-lips. Maybe, even, you will be endeared by the raw and glistening tracts of road rash, fatally administered by a speeding vehicle to an unsuspecting fox squirrel - the carcass of which Url was forced to inhabit following a particularly messy boating accident that forever separated him from his trunk. He's had a hard time. Please give him a good home.
I'm really not sure where to go from here. This is more obnoxious than Pink's on again, off again marriage. I always say that I don't need you but it's always gonna come right back to this....Pleeeeease...don't leave me.... Thanks Sarah! {source}
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on June 17, 2009 @ 8:10 am  

24 Responses to “Meet Url”

  1. Stump (14 comments.) Says:

    Perhaps it’s his foggy mammalian eyes, currently gazing sadly at a taxidermist that the world will never accept.
    .-= Stump´s last post ..The Vine Divine anklet =-.

  2. Lisa (17 comments.) Says:

    …Eww. Just eww.
    .-= Lisa´s last post ..Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Team Slytherin Badge =-.

  3. aka Jenna Says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrongitty wrong.

  4. Maria (4 comments.) Says:

    What. the. fuck?
    .-= Maria´s last post ..A Question about Kate Gosselin. =-.

  5. Hilly (12 comments.) Says:

    It amazes me that someone actually thinks this is a good idea. I mean, seriously WTF?

  6. followthatdog (54 comments.) Says:

    That is an exact replica of the thing I run from in all of my running-for-my-life dreams. Creepy.
    .-= followthatdog´s last post ..Five inventions mommies really really need =-.

  7. creme Says:

    Wow! I think I’m in love. Is that a sexual orifice on its hip? Yum.

    sam {temptingmama} (164 comments.) Reply:

    I was wondering the same thing. LOL Sexual orifice on his hip — LOL

    Is that your pink lipstick, or are you happy to see me? Bwahahaha
    .-= sam {temptingmama}´s last post ..Waiting For The Bell =-.

  8. Tiffany Says:

    Which mythical taxidermy species is that more closely related to, the Figi Mermaid or the Jackalope?

  9. kdaniel Says:

    I like to think that if he had vocal cords, he’d be shrieking.

  10. maughta (10 comments.) Says:

    People who do mash-up taxidermy for fun are serial killers, I swear! I saw it on Dexter so it must be true.
    .-= maughta´s last post ..Real Doll Young Adult Style =-.

  11. Elisa (2 comments.) Says:

    OMG that’s SO creepy. Who would ever buy something like that? Woulnd’t it give everyone nightmares?
    .-= Elisa´s last post ..Everyone is a “don’t” sometimes. Or: the one where I was in such a hurry I left all my glamour at home. =-.

  12. Deb on the Rocks (61 comments.) Says:

    It’s not even the look of the thing so much as the phrase “rows of petite teeth” that will haunt my nightmares.
    .-= Deb on the Rocks´s last post ..Announcing the Queerosphere OUT Loud party, and you are invited! =-.

  13. 3littlemonsters Says:

    That thing consuming my heart is EXACTLY what I am afraid of.


  14. Artist Says:

    This is absolutely amazing.
    I love it.

  15. Taylor Blue (91 comments.) Says:

    How can anyone think it’s okay to put a squirrel and fish together. I would not want that near me or even cuddle with it. YUCK!
    .-= Taylor Blue´s last post ..Peter Facinelli Talks New Moon And Twitter =-.

  16. Jackie Says:

    You can’t unsee something like that. This is by far the most disturbing Craftastrophe that you’ve featured so far. *shudder*

  17. S Says:

    Ok, so I admit, I am hungover. That thing made me want to vomit–when I clicked source and looked at the last photo, I almost puked.

    I do not get the taxidermy mash-up at all. Creeptastic.

  18. lizardlips Says:

    Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd.

  19. JuxtaPoser (9 comments.) Says:

    That is just so much worse than the squirrel-feet and toenail earrings.

  20. Jade beads (112 comments.) Says:

    fugly creature?

  21. Karen (13 comments.) Says:

    This is just the kind of thing I envision when you hear about those face transplants…
    .-= Karen´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  22. Chipmunk Says:

    O.o *dies*

  23. Bean Says:

    What on earth would ever posess you to do this?!
    Seriously messed up.

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