VIDEO: Mona Greasa

Look what Phil Hansen created with the grease of hamburgers: {via this is freaking ridiculous} {source}
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on May 19, 2009 @ 9:08 am  

9 Responses to “VIDEO: Mona Greasa”

  1. Jeremy Rivera (12 comments.) Says:

    That’s ridiculous! but…neat!

    At least his dog was helping him with the leftovers…but the poor thing’s heart would pop from cholesterol after a while :P

  2. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    that rocks my world so much. so, so, so much.

  3. karen (9 comments.) Says:

    burger grease = the new renaissance

    karen’s last blog post..Did you keep your receipt?

  4. Andie (11 comments.) Says:

    So awesome…except it make me gak a little every time I thought about the burgers…

    Andie’s last blog post..April showers bring May flowers…and weeds.

  5. redsquid Says:

    I imagine walking in in the middle of the night and switching on the lights to see a Busby Berkley dance spactacular in the shape of the Mona Lisa performed by german cockroaches. No, really- it would be kinda cool as long as it wasn’t in my house.

  6. bikerchick (8 comments.) Says:

    Now there’s a great promotion for the vegan movement! Wanna bet that guy no longer eats burgers and that he burned the clothing he was wearing???

  7. becca.elpy (5 comments.) Says:

    hmm, not sure i’ll be able to a eat fast food burger for a while…which is prolly a good thing.

    did you see the ketchup painting video?

    becca.elpy’s last blog post..ThisNext:: MsBelle

  8. Gladys Says:

    That is awesome, absolutely awesome. (And no, I don’t eat hamburgers!)

  9. nameolamo Says:

    it’s disgusting and I think he shouldn’t use food for such an idiotic “painting”… kids around the world are still starving!

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