Now I Have That Poop Song Stuck In My Head…

Remember Hanky The Christmas Poo? This kinda looks like him accept more like a striped poop. Hanky in his Christmas colours? That crazy poop.


Legs? Poop legs? See way up there in the middle? Between the two poops? What's THAT supposed to be?


Sexy poop?

Well, this post is totally going down the sh*tter. Pun intended, of course.

bombpopi From the listing:

Sexy legs & a sugary top.. whats not to love love love.. Sexy Bomb Pop Doll is approx 18 inches tall and 7 fat.. ..made of new & recycled materials..
I really want to say something about that new and recycled materials... but what can I say that I haven't already? Crap. Thanks Kayte! {source}

Posted by sam {temptingmama} on May 20, 2009 @ 9:23 pm  

9 Responses to “Now I Have That Poop Song Stuck In My Head…”

  1. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    okay i need to know WHAT in the HELL that is. poop pubes?

    sam {temptingmama} (164 comments.) Reply:

    I added a part from the listing… though, it really doesn’t tell ya all that much more. LOL

    Karen Sugarpants Reply:

    so is it the ‘sugary top’ or the ‘love love love?’

    i. want. to. punch. a. crafter.

  2. Lori Magno (46 comments.) Says:

    Sexy. Bomb. Pop. Doll. Any of those words are fine and lovely – but together the description alone IS Craftastrophe! WTF is that thing? It’s too big to be a tree decoration. Too nonsensical for fiber art. Seriously SRSLY – what is that thing in the middle? {Voice of Captain Kirk: What is it?}

    Lori Magno’s last blog post..The Billy Stump

  3. Kim (3 comments.) Says:

    Well, at least it’s patriotic poop.

    Just in time for Memorial Day.

    God bless America.

    ; )

    Kim’s last blog post..Funny the way it is….

  4. 3LittleMonsters Says:

    vive la France!

  5. Kristen Says:

    18 inches tall and 7 fat…

    Man, if my waist size were 36inches fat, I’d punch someone.
    BTW, unsexy legs. With that SRSLY WTF IS THAT black stuff? Yeah. Unsexy.

  6. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    i really dont know what this is. It looks like someone wanted to make an art doll and copped out after making the crap legs…. so they added a popsicle top. whoa.

    candace trew camling’s last blog post..UPrinting Giveaway Winners Announced!!

  7. Jade beads (112 comments.) Says:

    looks like a sea urchin stuck on the butt, uh! that hurts!

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