Looking For A Mother’s Day Gift? How About a Family Portrait?

Are you eating? You may want to put that food down, just for a moment. This is a great follow up to the past three posts, particularly at about 1:39. Enjoy the video, have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day! I honest to goodness asked for a family portrait for Mother's Day. Now I cringe at the thought. You'll see why.... P.S. The more she says "hair" the more I want to punch her. Just sayin'. Thanks Kathryn! {source}
Posted by sam {temptingmama} on May 8, 2009 @ 3:16 pm  

30 Responses to “Looking For A Mother’s Day Gift? How About a Family Portrait?”

  1. Jodee (6 comments.) Says:

    OH my goodness that is sooo nasty…. But so funny!!!! Maybe my husband will get me a family “portrait” for Mother’s Day!

    Jodee’s last blog post..They grow up so fast…

  2. Lauren Says:

    I am very concerned about what that jacket she’s wearing is made of!

  3. Cranky Amy Says:

    “Dedicated to the blonde economy”. Dear lord.

    FUCKING PUBIC HAIRS?!?!?! I had to turn the volume down when I realized she was about to say “pubic”. Ugh.

  4. Karen (13 comments.) Says:

    I was snickering at *hair basket* haha hair basket (what am I, a 12 year old boy?) But oh… then came the pubic hair petri dishes. Who collects the samples I wonder? And is THAT what she does with those scissors she carts around in her purse? And while we’re discussing other people’s pubes – where does one hang this kind of family portrait?

    Karen’s last blog post..Not so Wordless Wednesday

  5. Stump (1 comments.) Says:

    I think we have discovered the only human being on planet Earth who is ‘thrilled’ when someone leaves a bag of pubic hair on her doorstep.

    Stump’s last blog post..Soda Pop Tab Bracelet

  6. Tiffany Says:

    Most people might call the cops when they receive anonymous packets of pubic hair under their door….Ugh. Putting pubes in a petri dish doesn’t make them any more palatable. I’m not sure that there is anything that would make an excellent showcase for pubes, but a petri dish sure as hell isn’t it.

  7. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    “I thought I would collect.. PUBIC HAIR”???? *straight face*

    candace trew camling’s last blog post..Theater Illustration and Spot

  8. Dana (1 comments.) Says:

    uh…wow… just wow. I have to admit one of my favorite things is that awful furmanged coat she’s wearing the entire time. Ew…

    Dana’s last blog post..Still alive… barely

  9. Karen (25 comments.) Says:

    a pubic hair family portrait?

    her therapist must be laughing her ass off while sipping from an umbrella drink in the Caribbean.

    Karen’s last blog post.."I suck at math." –me, circa 9th grade.

  10. Lori Magno (46 comments.) Says:

    It’s really a perfect companion piece to the toenail art. OMFG.

    Lori Magno’s last blog post..Whoa – Whadda Week!

  11. MikMonkey Says:

    I think I may just cry. I’m horrified. I may need therapy….wait maybe that was my therapy. I realize now, I’m not a f*cking psycho. I work for a living. An honest job. Not making crazy f*cked up pieces of sh*t and collecting pubic hair. Thank you craftastrophe! I owe big time!

  12. 3LittleMonsters Says:

    pubic hair keepsakes…just what everyone needs…..

  13. flutter (62 comments.) Says:

    those hair baskets look like big, coiled turds. Wow.

    flutter’s last blog post..a reformed emotional basketcase loses it over a baby blanket. news at 11

  14. Suebob (91 comments.) Says:

    She should come over! I have a nice surprise waiting in the drain for her!

  15. Velvet Python Says:

    I thought she was just an eccentric artsy type until pubes under glass. Bleh. And a lot of it was gray, so you know it must have been from old people.

  16. Jade beads (112 comments.) Says:

    “And the conformity, you have to conform”
    I stopped there, blinked, and then thought I could be an artist at that moment.

  17. Star Says:

    So wait…that’s her family’s pubes? HER FAMILY?? Jesus.

  18. Secret Mom Thoughts (3 comments.) Says:

    OMG thanks for the warning to put down the food. This will help me with my diet for sure. Cause that totally turned my stomach. Yuck.

    Secret Mom Thoughts’s last blog post..Skywatch Friday

  19. daysgoby (12 comments.) Says:

    I SO thought this was http://tinyurl.com/cn6qry

    eww, eww,eww!

    daysgoby’s last blog post..if a tree falls in the woods, do the birds stop and listen?

  20. *pixie* (7 comments.) Says:

    Wow. I so did not expect that to turn to the short and curly variety of hair. Uggh. How does one ask their parents for a pile of pubes?

    *pixie*’s last blog post..I don’t think Patrick Bateman would care for the design—but I like it

  21. Sarah (1 comments.) Says:

    Good grief. Is there no end to the “eccentricity” of “artists”?

    Sarah’s last blog post..Get that citrus zing in your craftspace!

  22. Em Says:

    Why would anyone even think this was OK?!

  23. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    What a wingnut!

  24. Dawn Says:

    Just why?

  25. O_O Says:

    This…just isn’t right.

  26. elizabeth (1 comments.) Says:

    I couldn’t get past the dreadlock baskets and after seeing mentions of pubic hair in these comments, I’m glad my gag reflex worked so quickly and made me shut this thing off as soon as I saw those baskets. Hair makes me a little queasy when I find it anywhere but on a human head.

    elizabeth’s last blog post..Lucy

  27. Christine Says:

    I love how she referred to people as the “host bodies” for her hair collection. WTF is wrong with this woman??

  28. Beverly Says:

    Hmmm. I never thought there’d be a market for my pubic hair.

  29. Trina Says:

    OMG, I will never need Botox… my eyebrows rose so high when I saw that, I think they’re stuck that way forever.

  30. Sharon Says:

    Oh. My. Hell.

    There really are some things in this world that I’m better off not knowing about. That’s seriously whacked and not in any good way.

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