Candace Says, “Don’t Be a Horse’s Ass”

There's nothing more classy and beautiful then a brooch made of pliable plastic horse's butt. pony-brooch-1 Nothing. The Old Navy Mannequins are so jealous right now. Thanks Candace! {source}
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on May 19, 2009 @ 8:02 am  

12 Responses to “Candace Says, “Don’t Be a Horse’s Ass””

  1. steen (22 comments.) Says:

    Is it wrong that, when I saw this, I immediately envisioned it as a form of body modification? Like, you know those people that get screws implanted under their skin so they attach horns and stuff to their foreheads? Except you could totally have a My Little Pony ass coming out of your head.

    (I had a cup of coffee this morning. I don’t ever drink coffee.)

    Also, what font do you use for your comments? It’s driving me insane because I really really like it.

  2. Jeremy Rivera (12 comments.) Says:

    My sis in law LOVES My little pony.. I wonder..


  3. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    oooh good! you decided to post it. another case of upcycling at its finest.

  4. Lori Magno (46 comments.) Says:

    On no Rainbow Brite!!!!!!!!!

  5. HippieKender (2 comments.) Says:

    I’m just wondering, what exactly is “special pony polymer filling?”

  6. Karen (25 comments.) Says:

    “Her tail is in need of some styling, please feel free to express yourself…I think a plait looks good, butt hey, you decide!”

    Gotta love it when the ar-teest gets clever with the description of their art.

    Karen’s last blog post..All three of ‘em

  7. 3LittleMonsters Says:

    I actually know some people who might need this….

  8. Cranky Amy Says:

    I . . .

    Well, I find this highly amusing, and would almost like to have it. . . almost I said.

  9. Stump (14 comments.) Says:

    I want the other half made into a belt buckle. I would so rock that.

    Stump’s last blog post..Tree of Life pendant

  10. Justine (22 comments.) Says:

    I feel like I need to mass produce these and hand them out to people. As an award. For being horses asses.

    Justine’s last blog post..The advantages of being mildly annoying

  11. LaRu Says:

    Dude, I think I’m searching out some MLPs and making myself some SWEET magnets for the ol’ grey cube… Gotta have something awesome to hold up my time bomb and electric shock pictures. And since no one at work has a sense of humor, I will just force things like this upon them until they start pulling those sticks out of their butts.

  12. Noadi (10 comments.) Says:

    I appreciate the humor of this one. Mostly as a gift for someone I don’t like.

    Noadi’s last blog post..Zazzle Designs

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