Fur and Loathing in Craft Vegas

cat-tongue-earrings-2 "Rub the Fuzzy Bunny Jewelry Art" You have to read this description to believe it. From the listing:
I love those baby books where tots learn to associate images and words with tactile sensation. This is my take on the concept, but more for the person that's outgrown putting objects in their mouth. This is a small handbound book I created that houses original jewelry as part of the narrative. You may rub the fuzzy bunny with angora hair, then wear her around your neck. There are two earrings as well, cat tongues in fact, that have been covered with clear glitter. They feel rough like a kitty's tongue, and each tongue has a feline drawing accompanied by a page of verse.
Some crafters scare me.  All I could imagine is this chick is on a first date and the dude goes to kiss her goodnight, brushes his hand on her 'cat-tongue' earrings and either a) runs for the hills; or b) is totally into it and gets his fox costume from the trunk of his car and is all scritch scritch kitty wanna play with foxy?  Yiff! Yiff!* *shudder* Thanks Lu! {source} *Yiff
1. (n.) Yiff is said, in furry legend, to be the sound an excited fox makes, especially when mating with a fine vixen. Thus, yiff has drawn many sexual connotations in the furry world. Yiff can be the act of sex, sex itself, or simply an expression or exclamation as in "Yiff!"
2. (v.) The act of yiffing, mating, lovemaking, etc. Also, to make the sound "yiff" as an onomatopoeia.
{source of Yiff definition - the internet is a gold mine for this crap.} {I watch too much CSI} {Allow me to introduce you to the furry bowels of the internet}
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on April 16, 2009 @ 8:28 am  

6 Responses to “Fur and Loathing in Craft Vegas”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Oh goodness…..”scritch scritch kitty wanna play with foxy? Yiff! Yiff!”

    Best commentary. EVAR.
    I’m dying with laughter.

  2. Lu (4 comments.) Says:

    I agree, awesome commentary for furry reference. Win!

    The necklace is weird, but ok. The earrings though? They’re not even close to being ok.

    Lu’s last blog post..Sunday Salon – Reading into the wee hours of the night

  3. Indubitable Says:

    “These original earring images are hand drawn on shrinky dink plastic sheets with prismacolor pencils. I bake the pieces, then coat them with a clear glaze. I use epoxy glue to attach the plastic to thin wire. The plastic is very lightweight. Lastly, they are coated with clear glitter, then slipped through silver plated hoops. Original wearable art!”

    Was I the only one who thought they were actual cat tongues, from the description above? This is still weird, but not squicky like my initial reading.

    kdaniel Reply:

    I thought the same thing! My first thought was “cat, got your tongue!” and then I felt horrified for joking about that. Either way, they are uber creepy.

  4. Leslie (8 comments.) Says:

    I’m sorry but I nearly lost my lunch thinking about the cat tongues. I know they aren’t real but still……… Yuk.

    Leslie’s last blog post..It’s a Food Day

  5. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    ha ha ha! I was just watching the commercial from verizon where the creepy hotel guy says, “the towels are kinda scratchy!”… the earrings are kinda scratchy!

    candace trew camling’s last blog post..Illustration Friay – Fleeting

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