Um. All I Can Say is – PIG BLADDER!

Wicker is one of the greatest craftastrophes known to man. Okay, maybe just old style wicker, because some of the new stuff? Cute. There has been MANY hideous creations from wicker, some we've even featured here, and some you may even find at places dedicated to Teh Wicker. A desk, chair, filing cabinet AND lamp? Seriously? But I don't know that I've ever seen anything quite like this. Roi d'Espagne Roi d'Espagne by peterderooij on Zooomr The King of Spain would probably decapitate the person who gave this as a gift. Or if The King of Spain was the creator then I am truly sorry. Please don't decapitate me! If the wicker lamp was not bad enough, those balloon-type thingies are PIG BLADDERS (so says the photo description and I wasn't able to find contact information to get a hold of the photographer to find out the back story). OMG PIG BLADDERS!? Why in Sam Hell would that even be considered a good idea? Hmmmm, this lamp seems to be missing something *arms crossed, tapping chin* What would make this complete? *finger in the air* Ah YES! Pig Bladders randomly placed along the outside in various shapes and sizes! BRILLIANT! Indeed. { source - Peter de Rooij's Zoomr site, but you should totally check out his blog for some of his brilliant photography! }
Posted by sam {temptingmama} on March 29, 2009 @ 11:45 am  

11 Responses to “Um. All I Can Say is – PIG BLADDER!”

  1. Geeky Tai-Tai (1 comments.) Says:

    ROTFLMAO! OMG! How do you even find these things! Thanks for giving me a good laugh for today.

    Geeky Tai-Tai’s last blog post..Road Trip

  2. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    I guess I can’t really think of anything ELSE to do witha pig bladder…. but I’m not sure I would have really landed on this solution either.

    candace trew camling’s last blog post..Figure Drawing

  3. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    what the hell??? wow.

  4. KimmerMonroe (3 comments.) Says:

    Now I know what to do with the hundreds of pig bladders I keep. See I knew they had to have a use. EEEEwwwwww.

    KimmerMonroe’s last blog post..Old Steampunk Skeleton Key Necklace

  5. Lotta (64 comments.) Says:

    Oh my God I can’t deal with Wicker. I need to leave and think of smooooth surfaces. Gag.

    Lotta’s last blog post..Now that’s some ripe fruit!

  6. LittleMonsters Says:

    truly WTF worthy! where do you FIND this stuff?!

  7. flutter (62 comments.) Says:

    well, now I’ve hurled, I feel better

    flutter’s last blog post..I need a massage

  8. Deconstructress (2 comments.) Says:

    That is disgusting…are those bladders spray painted gold?

    Just an FYI: That is actually at a bar in Brussels called Le Roy D’Espagne….

  9. LaRu Says:

    well, now I have to send this along to my mother-in-law so she can let her pig farmer sister know of some great new uses for pig bladders. great.

    maybe this WiccyWackyWickerer can come up with a use for pig testes too.

  10. Patrik Says:

    Here’s a little more info on the bar where this beauty can be found:


    Pigs bladders were the party balloons of the middle ages (still used in Morris dancing, for example). The bar is housed in what used to be a medieval guild house, built in 1697.

  11. Skill Gaming (1 comments.) Says:

    Every time i come here I am not dissapointed, nice post

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