I Can’t Really Make Fun of IT if I Don’t Know What IT is…


Take a stab at it. What do you think this is supposed to be? Am I missing something, because nothing is coming to mind. It's described as:

This unique hand felted Cafetiere Coffee cosy is made with just merino wool, soap and water combined with time and energy!

Hand felted and seamless it is made using traditional wet felting techniques, to give a contemporary piece of practical art.

Height of Cosy is 10 " excluding the spikes. Width is 9"

Which I can understand, but the spikes? What are the spikes for? Are they supposed to represent something?


Is the white 'V' patch supposed to be something?

*looks around*

Is anyone getting this? Is it a joke? I don't even know if I'm supposed to laugh, cry or be in awe of this crafter's talents.

Someone? Anyone?



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Posted by sam {temptingmama} on March 5, 2009 @ 2:24 pm  

17 Responses to “I Can’t Really Make Fun of IT if I Don’t Know What IT is…”

  1. Jeremy Rivera (12 comments.) Says:

    Obviously it’s a political statement about the affects of caffiene on suburban women under 40 who are repressed and “horny” because of their pointless soccermom lives.

    Jeremy Rivera’s last blog post..Thoughts on Local Search

    sam {temptingmama} (164 comments.) Reply:

    I hope you’re not talking about me, because I definitely not horny. ;) Bwahahahaha.

    And my kids don’t play soccer.

    Maggie Reply:

    LMFAO You took the words right out of my mouth!

  2. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    it sort of looks like the female reproductive system…or a texas longhorns skull?? Here is what I would do with it:

    make a ponytail on the very top of my head, stick it through the hole in the top and wear it as a hat. If I was mentally ill.

    candace trew camling’s last blog post..Illustration Friday – Breezy (in color)

  3. Karen (1 comments.) Says:

    Maybe they are not horns, but those weird mushrooms that pop up on your yard after a lot of rain??

    Maybe the white part is a bonus merkin?

    Karen’s last blog post..Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah Invitation

  4. whereinchicago (1 comments.) Says:

    How repulsive! That white gunk looks like baby spit-up or a fabric swatch from the Monica Lewinski GAP collection. Is it available in blue?

    whereinchicago’s last blog post..Good ’till the last drop…

  5. Emmie (3 comments.) Says:

    Duh! Don’t you know it is supposed to be the scary carrot-horn monster eating a piece of moldy pizza?

    Emmie’s last blog post..Little Big Planet

  6. Tiffany Says:

    My first thought was that it is a canine that had just been extracted. Complete with bloody background.

  7. Paula H Says:

    It’s actually very clever. The horns are an anti-theft device. They’ve been dipped in poison and are guaranteed to impale any one who doesn’t do the secret caffeine dance. The instructions for the dance are enclosed with the cozy.

  8. deb (61 comments.) Says:

    Huh. I don’t know about the spikes because I am too distracted by the marks left on the cozy by someone who needs some Monistat, stat.

  9. Pamela Says:

    I think maybe the head part is missing and it’s really a Christmas Cozy, it could be Santa’s beard. Yea a Devil Santa’s beard.

  10. chris Says:

    something like a double horned yak, maybe? … with a prosthetic tail? at any rate it would be a terrible insult to yaks. it makes me wonder!

  11. Dawn Says:

    I think the white stain is a mistake. It’s actually drool from a caffiene addict that was jonesing waiting for his/her fix. It wasn’t until the bright light of the cozy’s glamour shots that said stain showed up. At which point it was too late to do over.

  12. Diana Says:

    It looks like a cozy for a french press and the “horns” are for pulling it off the press without burning your fingers? As for the V maybe it was made by those aliens from that series from the mid 80s?

  13. Bree Says:

    It is a coffee addicts heart. The horns represent heart palpitations, and the pain you feel from them. The White on the front is an oncoming heart attack caused from supporting a pot-a-day habit.

    But, eh. whatever… I can’t think. I haven’t had enough coffee today.

  14. Marcy Says:

    It’s a costume for timid dogs. Put it on your feeble fido and he will keep even the biggest dogs at bay. It’s kind of like a supeman cape- make your dog a superhero even if he has self esteem issues.

  15. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    My kids play hockey, not soccer. But I’m totally horny.

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