This Is Why I Am More Or Less Leery Of Upcycling

Upcycling can have it's advantages. Sure, there are defintely some items, that would otherwise be classified as waste, which can be reused and create something magnificent. Upcycling and "art" is a very slipperly slope. Very slippery. An artist could use their talents to create some truly wonderful projects from recycled items. They could make something truly stunning like this:


Which - HELLO?! I want.

This dress, created from 100% recycled ties is simply gorgeous.

This artist / designer needs to help out this person, because this? This is NOT what you should be doing with your time or recyclables:



In case you missed that, it's a CHAIR.


My friend gave me an old barber chair she found behind her building, and I knew it had to be covered in hair extensions.

One question.

You knew it had to be covered in HAIR. EXTENSIONS?


Because when I see I chair, I know I have to SIT on it. I know that it better be comfortable. I know that it should be sturdy.

But covered in HAIR? Um.....

I don't care if the hair extensions aren't real hair. That's really not the issue. The issue is that this barber chair is COVERED. IN. HAIR.

P.S. I feel incredibly bad making an example out of that tie dress in the same post as a FREAKIN' HAIR CHAIR.

P.S.S. Would someone PLEASE buy me that tie dress?!

P.S.S.S. Pretty please?

Thanks to Mary for sending this in! This is what Mary sent in her email which made me spit coffee on my laptop. Thanks again Mary, I'll be sending the technician's bill your way my friend.

It's a barber chair covered in weaves. Lots of weaves. Like someone had skinned Cousin It and all of his hairy relatives, friends, buddies, and sexual partners and made a chair.

{ tie dress source }

{Freakin' hair chair source }

Posted by sam {temptingmama} on February 21, 2009 @ 1:54 pm  

18 Responses to “This Is Why I Am More Or Less Leery Of Upcycling”

  1. Elisa (1 comments.) Says:

    hmmmm… chair… hair extensions… no, I don’t see the connection, sorry. This is a completely insane idea. Not to mention gross. Not to mention unpractical – who would sit on a chair like this? Knowing they’d get up with hair all over their sweater and pants? No. bad, BAD idea.

    But brilliant post. And the dress? v. cool.

  2. Mrs. Tantrum (24 comments.) Says:

    They were obviously high….I mean “my friend gave me an old barber chair she found behind her building” screams JUNKIE.

    Or maybe hobo. But I think that any self respecting hobo would take the chair in and trade it for hooch.

    Mrs. Tantrum’s last blog post..Protests, Fish Poop, and Puking

  3. flutter (62 comments.) Says:

    Oh, Jesus Christ!

    flutter’s last blog post..In these eyes

  4. Karen (32 comments.) Says:

    Oh, but if you go to the source, you’ll see she’s put a ponytail in it. How fun!!


    Karen’s last blog post..I got your Stow-n-Go right here.

  5. Saphyra Says:

    Needs googly eyes. Yes. That would make it better. Maybe. No. Definitely no. But it still needs googly eyes.

  6. candace trew camling (134 comments.) Says:

    gah! eeew. I made a faint gurgling sound in the back of my throat when I saw this. I was hoping you weren’t going to trash the tie dress because it is cute…but then I saw….it was more of a quality control attempt. Nice try, but I doubt you will get through to the people who need it…and thank god.

    candace trew camling’s last blog post..Illustration Friday – Instinct (Color Version)

  7. DaiKary (2 comments.) Says:

    When I saw the first picture I thought it was a lamp with a hair-covered screen, but then I saw the arm rests and thought “OH PLEASE NO…”

    Besides that, your comments were funny as hell. Awesomeness.

  8. Tiffany Says:

    WOW! I guess I see the irony in a barber chair that has hair growing out of it, but that is seriously gross! I bet this chick doesn’t have any pets. Because if she did have pets, she would realize that one of the #1 aims in life is keeping hair OFF the furniture. And secondly if she had a cat or dog then she wouldn’t feel the need to snuggle up to a hair chair for comfort. EEEWWW.

  9. zandor (75 comments.) Says:

    That tie dress is awesome and I want it and that chair is just gross.

    zandor’s last blog post..Guess where i’m not going this weekend.

  10. Kaila Says:

    Dude, that chair is awesome. And anyone who gets a barber chair and covers it in hair is awesome. I think it’s a great conversation or art piece. Plus, it’s not like it’s used real hair so what’s so gross about it?

  11. Bree Says:

    Ewwness? maybe if she had covered it in plushy green fabric….

    but seriously… EWWWNESS!!! What weirdo would want that in their house?!

  12. Becky Says:

    I’m all for free expression, modern art and whatnot, but the hair-covered chair seriously put me into gag mode, fake hair or not. Lunch and dinner are pretty much out of the question today.

  13. Headless Mom (21 comments.) Says:

    I agree-the tie dress is awesome! Just the kind of thing I would have worn in my 20′s. Now that I’m 40 I’m sure it wouldn’t look quite as cute, but still…

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..Quickie

  14. Michele Says:

    tie dress? whatever

    chair? wrong on so many levels……..

    but Mary’s description has me in freakin’ tears!

  15. Melissa (1 comments.) Says:

    The hair chair actually made me gag. For real – my gag reflex kicked in the moment I thought about *sitting* in that hair-covered catastrophe. Ick! I am going to to put hand-santizer in my eyes to get rid of the image now…

    Melissa’s last blog post..Girls Trip – Atlanta 2009

  16. Sharon Says:

    Wow. My first thought was “did that use to be attached to a dog? or dogs?” If I saw it in real life, I’d probably be waiting for it to move by itself.

  17. Anja Flower (1 comments.) Says:

    Ohhhh my god, I want – no, I NEED that chair!
    I could do without the tie dress, though. Sorry. :-/

  18. viv (2 comments.) Says:

    I just can’t go over this chair. Gross! By the way your blog is hilarious!

    viv’s last blog post..Quote of the Week

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