Forget Snuggies, This Thing RAWKS!

Need I say more? Because seriously? Look at this thing? Someone took the time to knit this  instead of just cut a chunk of fleece into an odd ball shape with too-long arms. This tank top blanket may not keep you as warm as the Snuggie, but your couch definitely will be. couch-blanket P.S. Wicked photoshop job on the couch dress font... the dress completely disappears from behind the letters. Just sayin'. Thanks to Mom-O-Matic for sending this in! { source - somewhere on that site }
Posted by sam {temptingmama} on February 13, 2009 @ 10:30 am  

18 Responses to “Forget Snuggies, This Thing RAWKS!”

  1. tamatha Says:

    Really, what purpose does this serve? My arms are cold just looking at her. And you know what I love? It looks like it’s mostly just hideous blankets stitched together. Hideous blankets from the 70s.

  2. Lotta (64 comments.) Says:

    This is so gross – but I imagine a mighty stank under that blanket dress. The smell of old bread, urine and unshavedness.


  3. Tiffany Says:

    Wow! I’m heartened by the fact that I can get this monstrous amalgamation of salvation army afghans custom fitted to my form. ‘Cause if you are wearing this I know that you really CARE if you look good.
    Do you think she went with the nauseating 70′s motif because that yarn was on sale or because she it was the best color scheme to compliment both herself and the couch?

  4. Lotta (64 comments.) Says:

    And patchouli.

  5. Tracy Lee (12 comments.) Says:

    I had to find the story behind this monstrosity. Not surprisingly it led me to South Bend, Indiana. It comes from a store called Pantalaine “Provisioners of America’s Finest Plural Clothing” HUH?! I was confused until I continued through the site, I guess it’s for everyone who wishes they were a part of conjoined twins.

    Tracy Lee’s last blog post..Justice is blind

  6. Mrs. Tantrum (24 comments.) Says:

    My couch does not need to be kept warm, I do. and this FAILS, on both of those fronts. It also made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  7. Jessie Says:

    Custom fitting included–is that for me? Or my couch?

  8. Rue The Day! » Ugliest Blanket/Couch Ever Says:

    [...] know I mentioned it just last week, but I love Craftastrophe. Here’s a perfect example of why they are so wonderful. Look at this purely hideous thing! [...]

  9. Deannea Jaye (1 comments.) Says:

    HA! Let’s just ‘go public’ with incubators if you’re THAT cold!

    Deannea Jaye’s last blog post..AgentDjeff: @Bodyguard_Beats One & a half Rum/Coke = lush? May as well start practicing: "Hi, my name is @AgentDjeff & I’m awesome!!!! :) G’nite

  10. LaRu Says:

    I want one. I need one. I wonder if they will custom fit one for my bloodhound (as the loveseat is ugly due to her drool and it is her loveseat)…

    My dog, that is just so very…wow.

    The website for Pantalaine – oh wow. I hate people, it’s like my nightmare. And can someone explain the Super Sweats to me?? Why would 4 people have their arms connected to my leg? Why?

  11. Taylor Blue (91 comments.) Says:

    What if my arms get cold…that’s usually what happens to me… :( I get so cold and really if the rest of my is covered that isn’t gonna help. I liked it until I thought of that! :(

    Taylor Blue’s last blog post..Milo Ventimiglia Goes Berserk

  12. yolanda Says:

    Custom fitting…. I hope she comes on-sight because her customer’s butt is form fitted to the couch. This is for women who can’t get off the couch anymore. The extra fabric is there to hide the bedpan, and the sleeveless tank design is to let the lady feel attractive with her monstrous cleavage and gauzy flab upper arms. It also ensures maximum arm movement as it is the only part of the customer’s body that still moves. She will fill the space between that couch and the “dress” plentifully, believe me. ~shudder~ From the depths of trailer park hell to the interweb, it reaches out and freezes my heart. Begone foul wraith!

  13. hellomango Says:

    What happens when you need the loo? Do you have to undress or do you go with it and hold it high in the air? Or does it come with an inbuilt commode? I need to know.

  14. Weekend link dump for February 15 « Off the Kuff Says:

    [...] Forget Snuggies, this thing RAWKS! Thanks (I think) to Michael for the link. [...]

  15. Condo Blues (1 comments.) Says:

    It’s great for hiding an ugly sofa too.

  16. tamatha Says:

    Thanks to Tracy Lee, I went and checked out the web site for Pantalaine, and I am fairly certain that this is really more of a joke than something serious. Though I have to say that I am intrigued by the Book-Jacket Double-Mittens…

  17. sweet crafty link « luckylily Says:

    [...] Check out the awesome projects over at Craftastrophe.  Of course the knitter in me loves this.  I hear that the slankets are sold out, and this is only [...]

  18. emmy. (2 comments.) Says:

    i get the feeling this “dress” would be a safety hazard.

    can you imagine being in that when the fire alarm goes off?
    or, worse.. you realize you suddenly really have to pee.

    emmy.’s last blog post..the more you know.

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