Wouldn’t That Be Heavy as Heck?

Nothing says love like this tadpole inspired domino bracelet.  Well, except for squirrel-foot earrings of course. But wouldn't this bracelet be super-heavy?  Why doesn't he just add a long chain and shackle you to the bed?  Or the furnace? {source}
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on December 9, 2008 @ 5:15 pm  

3 Responses to “Wouldn’t That Be Heavy as Heck?”

  1. evabaruk (38 comments.) Says:

    Is there some esoteric connection between tadpoles and dominoes or is it just a fun way to spend a Saturday night?

    evabaruk’s last blog post..Pavlov Neva Had Dogs Like This

  2. Hannah (7 comments.) Says:

    I had Sesame Street dominoes when I was a kid…should I turn those into some sort of jewelry, too? I could make Big Bird earrings, or an Oscar necklace!

    Hannah’s last blog post..Lavazza Espresso Machines: Lavazza BLUE

  3. Miss Courageous (2 comments.) Says:

    really not theat heavy I’ve made stretch bracelets from similar dominoes, but ugh! those tadpoles are rather hideous.

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