Shoe Fly, Don’t Bother Me!

This makes me think about that kid Sid from Toy Story. The one that dismantles his sisters toys and makes scary creations. Except this one isn't all that scary. In fact, I think I'd prefer this kinda fly as opposed to those dirty ugly poop eating things. And horseflies if they looked like this - at least that way you'd see those buggers coming!

Uh-Oh! This is what happens when little Suzy leaves her toys in Daddy's matter transference modules...

Daddy told her to stay out of the lab a million times! Now she went and left her pony to get combined with a fly! Eeek!

I wonder if this person really did violate his child's toy or if he perused the toy aisle in search for this pony to create this. Then that would mean this was intentional and not created on a drunken stupor. I really don't know which is worse. { source }
Posted by sam {temptingmama} on December 6, 2008 @ 10:15 am  

5 Responses to “Shoe Fly, Don’t Bother Me!”

  1. CraftDiner (1 comments.) Says:

    Totally frightening.

  2. Lori Anderson (5 comments.) Says:

    I think it’s pretty creative!

    Lori Anderson’s last blog post..A Dad’s Letter to his Son

  3. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    Horseflies give me hives. Especially giant pink ones. Ew.

  4. Deb (12 comments.) Says:

    Daddy already had the glue tube in his hand and was on his way to fix the broken whackit on his matter transference module when he stepped on little Suzy’s pony for the 438th time. What happened next is obvious although not defensible.

    Deb’s last blog post..Don’t Buy Me This for Christmas

  5. Elisa (7 comments.) Says:

    Ok, this is one of those scary things that should totally be sent to those BAU people on Criminal Minds. because someone who does this cannot be sane.

    Elisa’s last blog post..Holy… it IS true, we never stop learning! (letter to myself)

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