Royal Doulton Really Pulled An ‘Oops!’

Over Christmas, my family was invited to a lovely dinner over at my brother's new in-law's home.   Somewhere between the main course and dessert, we were talking about Christmas decorations and my lovely sister-in-law's mother pulled out this piece by Royal Doulton.  At first glance, everything seems completely fine. santa-2 See?  Totally cute. Wait...look closer...do you see it? santa-1 Dolly honey?  Do you need an asprin? Poor thing.  She can't even hear us. {Photo credit: my kid brother Joel}
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on December 31, 2008 @ 9:04 am  

6 Responses to “Royal Doulton Really Pulled An ‘Oops!’”

  1. Chibi Jeebs (22 comments.) Says:

    Maybe we’re supposed to believe the horn is like those arrow headband-dealies?

    Chibi Jeebs’s last blog post..Parts 32-37: 365 days of grace in small things

  2. followthatdog (27 comments.) Says:

    I think it is a visual metaphor. Dolly has been out partying all night and the trumpet through her head is like the visual cue that she has a hangover.

    followthatdog’s last blog post..New Year, new goals.

    woolies (1 comments.) Reply:

    That’s hysterical!!!!

    woolies’s last blog post..First Giveaway of the New Year!

  3. blueditty (1 comments.) Says:

    Who knew there was drinkin’ & partyin’ going on at Royal Doulton?

  4. Armen Shirvanian (2 comments.) Says:

    That sure is a non-standard way to run an item through a person in a creation. It is one of those items that is not as noticed until it is looked at for a bit, and then it is hard to not notice its presence.

    Armen Shirvanian’s last blog post..Wisely Playing the Ultimatum Game

  5. annenayne Says:

    That Santa reminds me of an ornament my brother made one year. Santa was holding a big ol’ heavy bag and if you smacked him where his groin would be, he screamed. It was called “Santa’s Hernia.”

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