TIMES UP!  TIMES UP!  TIMES UP! Please excuse the use of caps! and! exclamation! marks! but Craftastrophe is hosting it's very first giveaway!!!!!!! :: deep breath :: So the lovely Stacey of JS Glass Art was kind enough to answer our call for crafters this morning and is generously donating one of her gorgeous pendants to our little contest! Would someone on your Christmas list love this sweet pendant? It's gorgeous!
This glass pendant is properly annealed for strength and is approximately 7/8" (22mm) in diameter. It comes on an 18" black satin cord with silver plated clasp and chain. Necklace can be adjusted up to 21".
Now if you're new here, you're going to have to really work for your entry. You'll have to click around Craftastrophe a little (use the categories on the right if you dare) and pick your very favorite craftastrophe, leaving the link in your comment below. If you've been with us since Day One (when we featured an item to keep your money safe in your vagina), tell us what your favorite Craftastrophe was, and why. We will choose a winner at noon, on Friday December 12th. Contest ends Thursday night sometime! For a bonus entry, Twitter the link to this post (and please let us know in the comments that you did so!) Subscribe to our feed now to get in on more contests! Thanks again to Stacey for helping us host our first contest!
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on December 10, 2008 @ 4:15 pm  

66 Responses to “TIMES UP! GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Robyns Online World (6 comments.) Says:

    Happy Dance for your first giveaway!

    I’ve got a lot of favorites on Craftastrophe for a variety of reasons, but the one I share with that I always get the most response about is Going Green:

    I’ve also sent a tweet from @RobynsWorld about the giveaway also:

    I am also subscribed to the RSS via Google Reader

    Robyns Online World’s last blog post..Farewell Red Lobster

  2. MC (1 comments.) Says:

    It would definitely have to be the vagina coffee fairy. Ugh, no one wants to wake up to that in the morning. I can’t imagine someone thinking that was a great idea and I mean, the proximity of the coffee to the vagina?! Please! I don’t think I can forget this particular craft – it’s just…well, stunning.

    Twittered too!

  3. Suebob (91 comments.) Says:

    I am still a fan of the Gullet Mullets, if I do say so myself.

  4. Jenn Says:

    My favorite has to be:

    I just can’t get the picture out of my head of a row of sweet old blue-haired ladies sitting and cross stitching this lovely piece of porn. Reminds me of a story my aunt always told about going to a bank meeting with a company who wanted a loan with her bank. She met the receptionist, a nice older woman and then looked down at the woman’s desk where a HUGE green dildo was proudly used as a paperweight. Turns out the company manufactured adult toys!

    I giggle every single time. . . yup, I’m 12.

    I LOVE this necklace though!

  5. Megan (4 comments.) Says:

    My favorite so far is the Gullet Mullet. It is so awesomely bad that I kind of want to buy one so I can show up at Thanksgiving next year with that horrible thing on my head.


    Megan’s last blog post..My brief stint on the dark side

  6. Swizec (8 comments.) Says:

    Haven’t been around all that long (’bout a week), but here’s my favourite anyway.


    Why? Probably because I really identify with him and know just how he feels and why he’s doing it. I also would be willing to do quite something in order to trade places with him.


  7. Swizec (8 comments.) Says:

    Oh and I retweeted yer link.

    Swizec’s last blog post..Human rights day and why it shouldn\’t exist

  8. katie ~ motherbumper (5 comments.) Says:

    Easy: Cat with toothbrush up it’s ass.
    Because it’s a cat. With a toothbrush up it’s ass. What isn’t there to like?

    katie ~ motherbumper’s last blog post..The Big Chill

  9. sito Says:

    Well, I just love the “someone got a laminator.” http://craftastrophe.net/2008/11/someone-got-a-laminator-for-their-birthday/

    I now know what to make for Christmas.

  10. 11/06/1964 Says:


    okay..I liked the fact that the person who made this seemed t think she had done something wonderful:)

  11. bluepaintred (25 comments.) Says:

    bar none, my favorite NON catastrophic item was the adult sock monkey. He is already wrapped in festive paper, hidden in my closet waiting to be opened on Christmas morning…. By my DAD! There is nothing in this world that can possibly be funnier than a sock monkey with genitalia and ass hair. NOTHING.


    I will be twittering this contest as well!

    bluepaintred’s last blog post..Nope

  12. Chibi Jeebs (22 comments.) Says:

    I think I’m gonna have to go with brush up the ass cat, too.


    (And tweeted *wink*)

    Chibi Jeebs’s last blog post..What the !@#$ have I gotten myself into? (aka TL;DR)

  13. ky2here Says:

    As one of your mail readers, let me remind you of the testicles in the spice jars. You said to add these to grandma’s spice cabinet. This was doubly disturbing. Obviously the severed testicles affect a guy in a panicky way. I was skeeved out at the thought of ‘grandma’ and ‘testicles’ in the same sentence.

    Thanks Catastrophe!

  14. Rebecca C (4 comments.) Says:

    My favorite would have to be the one that started me reading and laughing everyday, The Reusable Tampons http://craftastrophe.net/2008/11/going-green/

    I just imagine the absurdity of actually rinsing these out in the sink in a public bathroom and laugh so hard. And boiling them, I know it is probably not going to kill you if you boil these in your cookware, but can you imagine explaining that to your SO? Whatcha cooking honey? Oh nothing, just my tampons!


    Rebecca C’s last blog post..Fly High Joy Review and Giveaway!

  15. Kerri Anne (2 comments.) Says:

    I’ve been around mostly since the beginning, but I have to say the Angry Pancakes are my favorite thus far. Because they are angry! but still somewhat cute. You know, for felt pancakes who are frowning: http://craftastrophe.net/2008/12/angry-pancakes/

  16. daysgoby (12 comments.) Says:

    The cowicorn. She may be tae compared to your other monstrosities, but the description made me wet a little – and she matches the pendant!


    I am already subscribe to the RSS feed, and y’all crack me up every morning!

    daysgoby’s last blog post..rock on

  17. Elaine (1 comments.) Says:


    I’ve seen some bizarre crafts in my day but this takes the cake, or rather the pan? Perhaps you should send to baconfreak.com Yes it is a legitmate website.
    Twittered your contest. What fun!

  18. Angela (3 comments.) Says:


    The Perfect Gift For Your Teenager This Christmas has GOT to be my most favoritest ever. It’s just PERFECT for the world these days.

  19. NG (1 comments.) Says:

    So far? This is the most hideous thing I have ever seen in my life. And, therefore, it is my favorite.

    NG’s last blog post..My Kingdom for a Horse

  20. Carol (1 comments.) Says:

    My favorite:
    Remember the Mirror From Romper Room? This is totally not like that.

    I’ve also tweeted this on Twitter at MsCarolM

    Carol’s last blog post..For the Fishermen Among Us…

  21. sam {temptingmama} (164 comments.) Says:

    I just want to follow the comments so I had to make a comment.

    Sunshine is nice. I like when it’s sunny outside.


  22. Gaye McGill Says:

    Oh my, there is some very strange stuff out there! I was most “intriqued” by the Made With Love, No Question doll face surrounded by colored glass baubles.

  23. Kimberly Says:

    Sweet!! I am going with that crazy pendant “put your disease on show”.

  24. Kimberly Says:

    And I’m an RSS subscriber already.

  25. Anissa@Hope4Peyton (2 comments.) Says:

    OMG, Stripper monkey!! 100% my fave.

    Anissa@Hope4Peyton’s last blog post..Chunky is NOT the new black

  26. Pauline Kyllonen (1 comments.) Says:

    Well, I am new here since yesterday. Found your site via Twitter.

    http://craftastrophe.net/2008/12/blind-date/ (the article that brought me here and….)


    You guys are absolutely hilarious…and that’s only after reading the article “Titles”. I hardly know what article to read first. Good stuff…Keep up the great work!!

  27. Elda (5 comments.) Says:

    I have to vote for my own collaboration. The Christmas ornament with the doll face and intact eyelashes. ROFL

    TWITTERED AS WELL… http://twitter.com/PeaceInTheStorm

    Elda’s last blog post..Trip down memory lane… via MUSIC VIDEOS

  28. s Says:

    http://craftastrophe.net/2008/11/going-green/ OH MY GOSH!!!

  29. Mia F Says:

    I’m a fan of the classic black pendant.


  30. Mia F Says:

    I’ve also left a tweet: http://twitter.com/Elkaye/status/1050670169

  31. Mia F Says:

    I kinda like the caterpillar earrings. They look warm. :)


  32. Stephen Saunders (1 comments.) Says:

    vagina coffee fairy? LOL

    Stephen Saunders’s last blog post..Merry Christmas!

  33. Nicole (1 comments.) Says:

    omg i couldn’t stop looking at This Baby Looks Pretty Happy for a Leprosy Patient!! omg thats ewww!!

  34. katelin Says:

    okay wow i love the craziness that is on your sight!! ahha i loved I hate myself for loving you, ahha and omg things that will get u kicked off a plane!! hilarious!!

    katelin’s last blog post..Triple Threat

  35. melissa Says:

    omg i am speechless!!!


    and no not in a good way!!

  36. Anjie B. (3 comments.) Says:

    OK…I have been with you almost since the beginning, but I can’t decide which I LOVE most, the Perfect Male Gift for Winter, OR the boob blanket (couldn’t find the post in the archives). Love the site!

  37. Anjie B. (3 comments.) Says:

    Forgot to leave the link…I’m a little unnerved by the baby Leper!


    I think the felted junk warmer is a gift every man needs in their stocking…even if they don’t KNOW they need it! (it would help ward off shrinkage!)

    Anjie B.’s last blog post..I’m a Mom thinking I am almost in the Christmas Spirit.

  38. Vic (15 comments.) Says:

    I twittered, tweeted, chirped, or whatever word you use to descripe posting this on twitter!

    Vic’s last blog post..You left me standing in the rain

  39. jennifer gersch Says:

    adult sock monkey

  40. Mrs Nutty Mummy (2 comments.) Says:

    My favourite was definitely the sushi necklace that made a poo! :) I think I would probably get one too. Maybe.

    I tweeted too :)

    Mrs Nutty Mummy’s last blog post..Oh poo!

  41. Vic (15 comments.) Says:

    Of course down to the real business, how am I supposed to decide? There’ve been so many craftastrophes that have just cracked me up!
    I’m gonna go for this one http://craftastrophe.net/2008/11/let-it-all-hang-out-at-the-next-family-picnic/

    Vic’s last blog post..You left me standing in the rain

  42. Marie N Says:


    I think this one is different in a creative way and does give one imspiration for wacky gifts for your “special” friends.

  43. Elizabeth M. (2 comments.) Says:

    The leprosy baby is both a horror and endearing at the same time.

    I also tweeted the giveaway.

    I subscribed via google reader too!

    Elizabeth M.’s last blog post..Let’s Say Thanks!

  44. Vicky Boackle Says:

    angry pancakes is funny.

  45. Elisa (7 comments.) Says:

    My favorite is the creepy beach baby: http://craftastrophe.net/2008/12/this-baby-looks-pretty-happy-for-a-leprosy-patient/ :-)

    Elisa’s last blog post..Here Comes the Sun!

  46. jayne Says:

    I love the gullett mullett

  47. Laura G Says:

    My first ever craftastrophe read and I laughed so hard I think I peed a little. :D Please tell me no one is actually using these!

  48. Liz Dager Says:

    I love the Smokin’ Santa! Lol…so funny!

  49. Kasey Says:

    There are too many good ones. But I’m going with Angry Pancakes. What does it say about me that sometimes i click through to think about buying the stuff you find?

  50. Jessica H. Says:

    There are SO MANY that are my favorites! My most recent fave was the hairy vagina coffee fairy. Even my husband got a kick out of it! We tried to track it down so we could buy it for out “dirty santa” party!

  51. Brandy Says:

    Okay, there’s a lot… but this one sticks out in mind:
    My grandma was also a cross-stitcher, in fact, she taught me. Just think of the bonding the two of us could have done over this pattern, LOL.

  52. Bonnie Day Says:

    Your “For the peta lover in your life” hits home with me
    My husband and son are both part native american and they go to the PowWows and bring home furs and leathers and make things out of them–purses, pillows, ect All I can think of is the poor animals I hate it but its part of their heritige so I say nothing but grit my teeth and tell them to do their thing elsewhere like not inthe house please

    Bonnie in FL

  53. Bonnie Day Says:

    Your “For the peta lover in your life” hits home with me
    My husband and son are both part native american and they go to the PowWows and bring home furs and leathers and make things out of them–purses, pillows, ect All I can think of is the poor animals I hate it but its part of their heritige so I say nothing but grit my teeth and tell them to do their thing elsewhere like not inthe house please

    Bonnie in FL

  54. courtney Says:

    ok, my favourite is this lil guy


    he’s super creepy, but also so sad looking….I think he just needs some love.

  55. Erin K. (3 comments.) Says:

    There have been so many disturbing crafts (e.g. pornographic cross stitch) that would make me laugh and cringe if received as a gift, but the squirrel-foot earrings were the only ones that would make me vomit.

    Erin K.’s last blog post..Happy Thanksgiving!

  56. radioactive tori (2 comments.) Says:

    My favorite has to be http://craftastrophe.net/2008/11/is-that-a-roll-of-quarters-in-your-pocket-or-my-baby/. I’m not sure why but since I saw it the first time, I come back to look at it and just giggle every time. Either that or there was one with a dish with steps or squirrels or something that killed me too.

    radioactive tori’s last blog post..Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Cookie

  57. Shelley K Says:


    It just makes me laugh…can’t beat that.

    Thanks for the giggle.

    And the giveaway.

  58. Donna Kozar Says:


  59. Melissa Says:

    I also really enjoy the commentary on this one.

  60. Melissa Says:


  61. Melissa Says:

    I just twittered a link to this post.

  62. Herb Sussman Says:

    My gf would love Chasing Waterfalls. Beautiful colors and a very interesting use of glass.

  63. Green Yak (1 comments.) Says:

    I kinda like the angry pancakes (http://craftastrophe.net/2008/12/angry-pancakes/). They’re SO CUTE when they’re mad :-D

    Green Yak’s last blog post..Grab Bag of 10 Paper Gift Bows

  64. Tracy Lee (12 comments.) Says:

    I am the master of peeing in a cup

    It looks very realistic and I can’t help but wonder what scent it is.

    Tracy Lee’s last blog post..One out of three ain’t (too) bad.

  65. just mom Says:

    Ooooh, there are so many good interesting unique FREAKY things from which to choose!

    I have to go with this amazing dolly as my fave. Oh, the nightmares I’m going to have tonight! *shudder*

    eta: This one reminds me of a freaky Twilight Zone type show I saw a zillion years ago where this lady made friends with the food in her fridge. The veggies started talking to her, begging her not to eat them. She couldn’t bring herself to eat the foodie pals no matter how hungry she got. When she couldn’t bear it any longer, she sewed her own mouth shut so she couldn’t eat them. GAAAAAAAH!

    Thanks for the memories!

  66. Leah Says:

    “I am the master of peeing in a cup” just makes me laugh!!!! Soooo me!!!!

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


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