Crapping Robot Toilet Paper Holder

I love how this is pictured with pink toilet paper.  Like any crazed robot fan would use lame pink sh*t tickets.  Riiight. The detail in this is really cute though...the pants around the ankles (robots wear pants?), and the little metal roll of toilet paper behind his head (ouch). I imagine this in a dorm full of really smart kids. {source} via Boing Boing
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on December 19, 2008 @ 9:35 am  

5 Responses to “Crapping Robot Toilet Paper Holder”

  1. evabaruk (38 comments.) Says:

    My boys would love to have that in their bathroom. It’s pretty darn fantabulous.

    evabaruk’s last blog post..Welcome Back to More Half-Assed Plumbing with Iasa

  2. Kristen Says:

    I’d so use this for paper towels if it were wider.

  3. Vic (15 comments.) Says:

    It looks like the husband, only in metal!

    Vic’s last blog post..Verglas

  4. followthatdog (27 comments.) Says:

    I want this. Really, no joke. I think it would compliment the classic lines of my 1906 farmhouse. And I WOULD use pink toilet paper. It sets off the details of the crapping robot.

    followthatdog’s last blog post..Are you cool enough? Are you? (aka. my first giveaway!)

  5. TheDragonLady Says:

    I love this!!! OMH!!! I want one!!!

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