We All Have To Start Somewhere…

We're not saying you have to nominate us, but what we are building here is so much fun!  If you're a fan of snarfling coffee out your nose, or swallowing bile in some cases, then please, by all means, nominate us for an award. Like this one: Or blog about usTwitter about us - Guy Kawasaki did.  Submit our site to the big boys. Stumble us, Digg us, throw us on Buzzfeed (spank us too while you're at it). Subscribe to The Feed, it's quite yummy.  Consider making pillowcases with our faces embroidered on your pillow. Perhaps a tattoo?  A cake?  A cupcake cake? Lastly, thank you.  Really, from the bottom of our sick, twisted hearts.  Because YOU have made this site so much fun to do everyday.  We love you.  A lot. And there is so much more to come. *smmmmmmooooooooch*
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on November 14, 2008 @ 11:30 am  

One Response to “We All Have To Start Somewhere…”

  1. threeundertwo (15 comments.) Says:

    Done, and twittered. So we’re cool now right? You wont feature any crafts from my site, right?

    threeundertwo’s last blog post..Finished for Friday: Amigurumi

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