Dane Cook does this bit about superpowers and how he would love to have the ability to shoot spaghetti out of his fingers.  Like if he was on a date and the date was rude, he could just shoot spaghetti all over her and say, "Here. You are rude.  Eat your spaghetti." This scarf?  Made for Dane. She calls it a summer scarf. You crafters who are trying to start trendsEPIC FAIL. No one needs a summer scarf.  NO ONE.  Here's your spaghetti.  You are rude.  Pleh!  Spaghetti.  RUDE. p.s. This isn't knitting or crocheting, this is CUTTING HOLES IN PERFECTLY GOOD FLEECE. RUDE! Thanks Suebob!
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on November 17, 2008 @ 3:01 pm  

4 Responses to “RUDE!”

  1. miss thystle (10 comments.) Says:

    In the first picture, it looks like the goo that Predator shoots his victims with. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

    miss thystle’s last blog post..Dum Dum Dum DumDum Dum DumDum Dum

  2. Marilou Says:

    OMG! Who WOULDN’T pay $65 for this!?

  3. flutter (62 comments.) Says:

    I think I just peed my pants. Is there a scarf for that?

    flutter’s last blog post..Cashmere in the dairy aisle

  4. deb (61 comments.) Says:

    It looks like an eco lesson in why we have to cut up our six pack rings before tossing them so the birds don’t get stuck.

    deb’s last blog post..Busy Beaver. {That’s what she said!}

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