Perfect Male Gift for Winter

Cold days outside in the winter are painfully difficult, but for that hunter or construction worker in your life, wouldn't their day be a little easier if their pecker were warm?

The one and only, truly unique gift for the man who has it all. The huntsman, shivering cold out in the woods but his willy is warm thanks to this wonderful gift! Fairly standard measurements and mega manly camouflage colors.

Ha! Manly camouflage. AWESOME.

I'm thinking of getting one for The Hubs for Christmas.

What man doesn't want warm and comfy junk.

Posted by sam {temptingmama} on November 6, 2008 @ 5:05 pm  

3 Responses to “Perfect Male Gift for Winter”

  1. Sassy (4 comments.) Says:

    I just ordered 2 of these for hubby. (No, he doesn’t have 2 penises or 4 balls, but you know, an extra one for when the other is in the wash). I will win “unique” gift-giver this year.

    Sassy’s last blog post..Mama Had a Baby and Her Head Popped Off

  2. sam {temptingmama} (164 comments.) Says:

    @ Sassy:

    He will LOVE you forever. There’s nothing like a nice warm camouflage nut cover.

  3. LoveInsanity (1 comments.) Says:

    I secretly want this, but it looks itchy. If it were lined with fleece, we’d have a deal.

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