Oh Happy Day! It’s a Happy Uterus!

Well, well... tis a group of happy uteruses uterus uteri.

Hello Happy Uteri!

Sparkling, happy, uteruses with grins.

Such smiley happy lady bits.

Why are you so happy uteri?

A tiny happy uterus, made with love. For our daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and friends, who are approaching menarche or have just begun to menstruate. For women who are hoping to conceive, or praying to heal. For women and girls of all kinds, all ages, all beliefs. For gynecologists, obstetricians, midwives, doulas, feminists, grandmothers, and Girl Scouts. ;) Even toddlers love the tiny happy uterus!

It's uteri all around!
Please specify whether you would like your item to include "flow" or "no flow".
Um. Ew. But, should I specify flow - will it be happy too?
Pink felt, padded with polyfill and good cheer.
It had to have been a man that made these. No woman I know considers her uterus happy. Hey uterus. Come talk to me when you suffer from raging hormones and cramping bad enough you want to give yourself a hysterectomy at the kitchen table. Happy uterus. *pffft*
Posted by sam {temptingmama} on November 12, 2008 @ 1:00 am  

12 Responses to “Oh Happy Day! It’s a Happy Uterus!”

  1. Suebob (91 comments.) Says:

    Holy fallopian tubes, batman!

  2. Jessica (from It's my life...) (2 comments.) Says:

    I’m sorry, is that cute little red heart the “flow?” Because my flow? Is no cute little red heart.
    These are HILARIOUS. Wonder if my OB has one yet…

    Jessica (from It’s my life…)’s last blog post..Interview with the president of AddsYou – A great place for writers

  3. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    Have a happy period.

  4. Kath Says:

    OK so if I get the “happy uterus” do I get the knitted tampons for free? Or at least at a discount? Seems wrong to have one without the other?

  5. imelda (1 comments.) Says:

    This looks like something The Bloggess would give as Christmas gifts! Uterus/Vagina, same thing :D

    imelda’s last blog post..Family Code

  6. saintseester (2 comments.) Says:

    I’ve not ever commented before, but I cannot hold back any longer. “Even toddlers love them?” Can you just imagine seeing a toddler running around hugging on this in the walmart???

    saintseester’s last blog post..Crap On My Desk Wednesday (11/12)

  7. HurricaneAD (1 comments.) Says:


    HurricaneAD’s last blog post..Change Has Come

  8. Sazaran (1 comments.) Says:

    As if starting your period (as your mom drags you through the entire town visiting their work places bragging to all her lady friends that her little girl is now a woman and just might need to start birth control or else she will get pregnant at the tender age of 12 and shame the whole family ) isn’t embarrassing enough. Sheesh.

  9. Iris (44 comments.) Says:

    Does it come with a box of “Always” with the lovely strips that say, “Have a happy period”?

    Iris’s last blog post..Addendum to "Fall" blog

  10. Kendar Says:

    I have seen these before and I actually think these things are adorable!

  11. Jen (3 comments.) Says:

    These are cute. If I still worked as an OB/Gyn nurse, I would want one in each exam room.

    Jen’s last blog post..Ponytail Holder/Scrunchie for Girls – Snowy White

  12. FOW (6 comments.) Says:


    FOW’s last blog post..MATURE Abominable Snowman Holiday Card

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