Looking For A Way To Advertise That You’re STD Free?

Don't be confused by the screws and metal in the background. This is a HAIR BARRETTE.

The barrette is made out of recycled cardboard and I added a 2.25" silver french clip/barrette underneath it, so there is a natural curve. It is very sturdy yet lightweight so it won't hurt your head while wearing it. I lacquered several layers on top to seal the work, but it is not waterproof so please be careful.

Hands off people. IT'S MINE*.

You? You can have this one:

I saw this quote in a magazine and I knew I just had to use it on one of my barrettes! The man's face in the picture is not messed up! It is the glare from the camera!


I came across a 3-ring picture that consists of a vintage photo of a young female back in the late 50's or early 60's, then a young married couple on their wedding day, and then a present day elderly couple holding each other. It just combines the quote and the pictures together. I decoupaged all these designs onto a barrette where I added a blue water drops paper to it.

You're welcome.

*Wait. Um. I don't have The Herp. I guess it's only funny if you're not infected with The Herp. Because I can't imagine someone with The Herp ever wearing this. If they did wear it and someone knew they had The Herp and were advertising that they were break out free? Um. AWWWKWARD.

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Posted by sam {temptingmama} on November 18, 2008 @ 9:30 pm  

5 Responses to “Looking For A Way To Advertise That You’re STD Free?”

  1. Ruprecht (23 comments.) Says:

    Rupe thinks it’s funnier still with the screws and metal in the background …..

    Just sayin’ …..

    Ruprecht’s last blog post..The Wrong Side Of The Road

  2. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    Holy jumping! Those are some fucked up barrettes! Were they made by zombie hippos?

  3. Kelsie (1 comments.) Says:

    Holy Shit! I feel totally embarrassed for whoever made these “barrettes”. Wow. I can’t stop wondering what their daily life is like…

    Kelsie’s last blog post..More Garland Madness (& rounded corners!)

  4. Procrastamom (3 comments.) Says:


    This is like some really bad twist on crafting with Post Secrets.

  5. Zandor (75 comments.) Says:

    Ha. I wonder who would wear that barrette?

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