Keep Your Money Safe – in Your Vagina!

I used black and reds in this wallet along with a rustic floral pattern fabric to give this Spicy Vagina a Spanish flair. (Plus the outer labia are more tan than peach colored)

This vagina is great to play with! ;) The hair is fuzzy, the outer labia are soft and puffy, the inner labia up and out, to get a good view of the clitoris you need to pull back the hood, and the inside of the vagina is done in soft silk.

Um. It's a wallet.

With a vagina on it.

You can be sure no one going to want to steal your money if you keep it safe in your vagina!

Va-jay-jay and all its bits after the jump...

I can't even fathom what would posses someone to carry this - hair and all - let alone create it.

Posted by sam {temptingmama} on November 6, 2008 @ 4:35 pm  

One Response to “Keep Your Money Safe – in Your Vagina!”

  1. mommypie (4 comments.) Says:

    Yay! I was LOOKING for a Christmas gift for my gyno!

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