If The Internet Died Tomorrow…

...not only would you not be able to get onto Craftastrophe (like majorly totally bad, I know), but you also would miss the mighty mighty force that is Facebook. Now most of us use Facebook to keep in touch with family, plan little parties, chat up old friends... ..then, there are people that Stephen King should write a book about... ...The Exes... ...Ex-boyfriends... ...The then-boys, now-men who kissed us first... ..then they were mystical beings... ...now they are men... ...but in your minds eye... ...you can see them... ...kissing you... ...feel their hands over your neck... ............... ...(are these dots effective?  I created each one by hand)... ...but if the internet died tomorrow... ...you'd always have hot glue... mmmm... hot... glue. Nested Ex-Boyfriend Dolls.  Oh baby. Does that mean they fit inside each other?
Posted by Karen Sugarpants on November 21, 2008 @ 12:02 pm  

6 Responses to “If The Internet Died Tomorrow…”

  1. ali (9 comments.) Says:

    for what?! Love that the yucky guy is the biggest too!

    ali’s last blog post..a great man

  2. JachiCue (8 comments.) Says:

    HA! Inside each other. Sick, twisted, and well deserved by ex-boyfriends.

    JachiCue’s last blog post..Who asked you?

  3. Iris Carter (44 comments.) Says:

    They’d make good bowling pins.

    Iris Carter’s last blog post..Hell hath no fury like a MotrinMom

  4. Zandor (75 comments.) Says:

    Oh my gosh. Ha.

    Zandor’s last blog post..Why i’m done listening to you:

  5. Jaywalker (6 comments.) Says:

    You have to respect the twisted dedication it took to put this together (albeit ineptly). Show your bitterness with nesting dollies. Marvellous.

    Jaywalker’s last blog post..This isn’t because I am. I’m not.

  6. Velma (19 comments.) Says:

    I hate when emotional twistiness meets inept crafting. For God’s sake, fill in the easement lines where you snip for curves. A little marker! That’s not too much to ask, right?

    Velma’s last blog post..It’s All About Me

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