I Always Thought It Looked Like a Slug

As a kid I was rather um... demonic. I remember we would dig through our garden and pull out all the earthworms. We would rip them from the ground and keep them in a big white Tupperware bowl of my mom's. We'd mix them up like it was pasta noodles and we were having spaghetti for dinner. After a good rain, we would go outside in our rubber boots to stomp on the worms that remained on the road, or the snails that had ventured from their regular haunts. The crunch of their shells would send us into fits of laughter. Now? I have no idea what was so funny. And I completely understand why I have been blessed with the most annoying and barfy animals as pets. Karma. Karma has got me back. But, never once did I ever think of those poor, innocent, digsuting yuckies as erotic. Someone else apparently has though.

Where ya going to put that piece of art that it won't scare off the family coming for Christmas?

Penis? Slugs? I can definitely see the resemblance.

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Posted by sam {temptingmama} on November 22, 2008 @ 6:00 pm  

4 Responses to “I Always Thought It Looked Like a Slug”

  1. Mr Lady (4 comments.) Says:

    I think it’s veryvery wrong that I have the overwhelming urge to pick one of those up.

    Mr Lady’s last blog post..You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

  2. Tracy Lee (12 comments.) Says:

    I find the “slug” even more disturbing after seeing the creator.

    Tracy Lee’s last blog post..Cross stitch hits Skull a Day 2.0

  3. Tara-Lee (1 comments.) Says:

    I’d like to know why the snails ’round here don’t look look like that

  4. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    It looks heavy.

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