A Box for Your Box (Read: This title totally sucks, just read the post. Kthxbai.)

This beautifully handmade wooden treasure box would be a delightful accessory to just about any room in your house.

Adoring screwed on rubber skeleton hands and a crafty hearse decal, offset by a beautiful sateen ribbon, it is just about the most perfect thing to store your heroin and crack pipes sewing accessories; your husband's television remotes life line; maybe even store your reusable menses paraphernalia.

But, what's with the pink splotches? Isn't that a little redundant considering what these things are intended for?

Apparently you're making a statement with the skull and crossbones.

Dear Menses: I bone you? I death you? I poison you?

(Um. Wha?)

A note from the seller:

These trim and comfortable Nice Knickers AIO (all in one) pads are made up of 1 inner layer of flannel, 2 layers of super thirsty bamboo/cotton fleece and one layer of leakproof PUL and then topped and backed with a soft flannel in a funky "I [skull] YOU print."

Super thirsty? Gross. Why yes. The skull does look thirsty. Parched in fact. Almost like death or something.
The wings wrap around your knickers and fasten with professionally applied, super strong resin/plastic snaps to hold them in place. There are no fiddly inserts to worry about, just snap the pad on and you're good to go!
Yes! Finally pads for people on the run, just snap and go! *snort* I have images of fighting those "super strong resin/plastic snaps" while trying, ever so carefully to get this thing off. *shudder*
Posted by sam {temptingmama} on November 11, 2008 @ 3:30 pm  

One Response to “A Box for Your Box (Read: This title totally sucks, just read the post. Kthxbai.)”

  1. Miss (21 comments.) Says:

    Super thirsty bamboo. Damn hippy lingo.

    Miss’s last blog post..What’s it called when you pimp yourself?

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